Old School Edger

Growing up we always mowed our own lawn.  Now, my folks get someone to do it for them, but for some reason, I like cutting my own grass.  Back in the day, my Dad wouldn’t let me use the edger.  He had a nice, gas powered, walk behind edger that worked like a champ.  For some reason he thought that it was too dangerous for me to use, so I would be stuck mowing while he edged.  Since they’ve got people to cut their grass, that edger’s been sitting in his garage collecting dust for over 15 years!  I’ve used string edgers/weed wacker, but those burn through sting too quickly.  I even bought my own walk behind edger and it just didn’t have enough power to be effective.  The ones that do have a good amount of power costs a grip of cash.

From my memories, the old school one my Dad has was awesome.  It’s not pretty, but it did an amazing job.  I guess now that I’m an adult, he’s OK with me using it… or maybe because he knows it probably wont work.. either way, he gave it to me!


I figure since it’s been sitting for a while, I should do some cleaning up.  I started with pulling out the old spark plug.


Here’s a close up of it:

old spark plug

I did a quick run to Home Depot and got a new one.  Check out the difference:

spark plugs

In addition to the new spark plug, I figured it needed some fresh oil and gas… which meant I had to dump out the old oil and gas.

old oil gas

I had some motor oil sitting at the house, so I poured some in.

new oil

And of course, I have gas for my mower, so I filled up the tank.

new gas

So now was the moment of truth.  I pulled it outside and tried to start it up.  After about 1,000 pulls, a blister on my finger and a few curse words… no luck.

not working

Any thoughts?  Am I missing something?  Comment if you got any ideas on getting this bad boy up and running again!


6 Replies to “Old School Edger”

    1. This one’s sooo old that it doesn’t have a primer (bubble)… Its meant to just be cranked/pulled numerous times for the oil and gas to flow around the engine. Thanks for the thought!


  1. Remove the air cleaner cover and element. Is it wet with gasoline or oil? If so, you will need to replace the element. You can start and run engine without air cleaner for troubleshooting purpose, but be sure to replace with old element or new one before actually edging.

    If this doesn’t work, put it on the side of the road either on Mondays or Thursdays and that should definitely fix the problem.



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