Abraham Media

Your personal story is important.

Each of us has a unique story that should be shared.

I believe in documenting life to capture our personal stories.  I’ve been making efforts to do that in my personal life by way of blogging and vlogging.

Growing up, my parents would film us on vacations or random road trips.  They would also set up the camcorder and just film us playing.  Hours and hours of film on the old-school VHS cassettes.  Although it was great to have that footage, since its not in a “digestible” format, it basically just sits in their closet, never to be viewed again.

That same issue stands with our digital media.  Before I started making “mini-movies” I would have hours of film trapped in my phone, or hard drives, never to be seen.  It does no good sitting tucked away.  I love the fact that now I can jump on my YouTube channel or Facebook page and see our memories, whether it was yesterday’s trip to the grocery store or our trip to India a few years ago.  They’re all valuable and cherished.

Your stories need to be shared, too.

Not necessarily to the world, but to the future you.  I’d like to help you with that.

I’d like to take the footage that you film from your next event (birthday party, wedding reception, social event) and edit it for you so that you can keep track of your personal story.

Got a business?  We can talk about fun commercials too!

Contact me and let’s talk!