#rensha wedding and charity golf!

This weekend we made the trip to Dallas to celebrate Renny and Asha’s wedding.  While we were there we visited some friends and family.

This pic is from Sunday when we visited Aaron and Nancy, then made the quick drive to see Togy and JoAnna.  Let me rewind a bit.

We headed up to Ron and Neema’s house (Sheena’s cousins) on Friday night.  They were so nice to let us crash there!  Saturday morning we had a delicious breakfast and got ready for the wedding.  Here’s a shot of the fam after the ceremony.

The reception was decked out!  They did it big at huge Convention Center in Los Colinas.  Here’s the couple getting ready to make their grand entrance!

…and some of the bridal party.

In the reception, there was a huge neon word spelling LOVE.  Ezzy needed a pic with the “E” for Ezra…

…The “O” was just fun to be in…

…and of course we needed a pic with the “L” for Layla!

After the wedding, we headed back to Ron and Neema’s house.  We had some pizza.

and we had pie for dessert.

I made a video of the weekend that’ll better describe things.  Check it out!

We got back on Sunday.  It was tiring, but a fun weekend!  Monday morning I met up with Blesson and Wes to do a charity golf tournament for Robby’s church.  Robby is Wes’ brother in law and we’ve known him for years, so it was great to participate and just see everyone.


I also made a video of the golfing experience!  It was our first time on a full 18 holes, so it was interesting… to say the least…  Check it out!

Overall a great weekend!  Quick shout out to Pokie for letting me borrow his clubs!

Weekend Review [April 15th, 2017]

This week was crazy busy! On Tuesday, Sheena and I went to a fundraising banquet for InterVarsity.  Here’s a shot of us with some friends.

Benzi George invited us out.  It was a good time!  Here’s a shot of more of our friends!

I made a quick video of it.  Check it out!

The rest of the week was the usual.  One special treat was meeting up with some friends for dinner.  Here’s a shot of Dolan and Neil.  Pratik and G were there as well!

We were at Onion Creek.  I used to go there a lot during college.  Brought back a lot of memories!  Its always a good time hanging with these guys!

On Friday, I did a bunch of yard work to get the lawn ready for Spring.  Sherene (aka No Hugs) has made numerous comments on how much she hates when I blog about mulching or yard work, so I’ve refrained from writing about it here.  I actually only mowed and edged up the lawn.  After that I was exhausted, so I didn’t get to mulch or weed ‘n feed… so there’s still a chance that a mulching blog might appear this year!

On Saturday, we hosted a breakfast at our house for my Mom’s birthday.  We also took the opportunity to do an egg hunt for the kids as well.

Here’s a quick video of the breakfast.

After breakfast, we ran a few errands and did stuff around the house.  We had plans to go to Rayna’s birthday party, but it was canceled because the bday girl was sick.  It was a bummer that she was sick, but I’m sure we’ll celebrate as soon as she’s all better!

Since the plans changed, I bought some Bagel Dots and made a mini movie about the experience!  Check it out!

They’re soooo good!  If you haven’t had ’em yet, go to HEB right now and buy ’em!  Earl was nice enough to be punched in the video.  We tend to overstay our welcome with Earl and Asha, so afternoon tea with Bagel Dots turned in to dinner outside in their patio.  Earl and I just grabbed some Chick-fil-a and brought it back.

Sunday we went to church with Blesson and Jolly.  Their church had service at the Smart Financial Centre with a block party afterwards.

The production was amazing!  They did a great job!  One of the drummers was a dude I played percussion with back in collage.  It was great to see Doug jam out!

Blesson was volunteering, so after service, I met up with him.

Jay Prosh from the Houston Texans was the guest speaker.  He was taking pictures and signing autograph.  We didn’t want to wait in line, so we did the next best thing.

Sheena grabbed the kids from children’s church and met up with us.

The we headed outside to the block party.  They did it BIG!

Here’s Layla in a bounce house.

and Ezzy in a bounce house too.

Here are some of the kids just kicking it.

and their parents too…

Look at this huge bounce house!

There was also a splash pad.  We didn’t come prepared with clothes, but the kids really wanted to go, so we let them enjoy.

Afterwards, Bless, Joly and Shane came over for lunch.  We ordered some Sugar Thai.  Shane wanted to be king for a day, so he wore a crown.

Later that day, Sheena made some chai and we drank it outside while the kids rode bikes on the driveway.  Although Ezzy has a boys bike, this Minnie Mouse bike is easier for him to pedal around.  Don’t judge me for not getting him a boy’s bike!  hahaha.

Overall it was a very busy weekend, but very fun!  Happy Easter, y’all!

Weekend Review [April 8th, 2017]

This weekend turned out to be pretty busy.  Here’s some random pics from the week… like when the kids joined me to get an oil change.  The only reason they’re willing to come is the free popcorn!

Then there’s the time we made pizza at home.

Layla approves.

Friday, Sheena had her work banquet.  Here’s a video from that night.

On Saturday morning, I worked on a project but that afternoon, Mom and Dad invited us over for some BBQ lunch.

It turned into a whole day of family fun.  Bubbles, kites, playgrounds….  Check out the video.

We ended the night with dinner at Guru Burger.

With the busy-ness of Friday and Saturday, Sheena and the kids took a nap on Sunday (after Church and HEB, of course).

Overall a great weekend.  The weather was awesome, so it was great to have a chance to just be outside for a bit.

Weekend Review [April 1st, 2017]

This weekend we did a lot of celebrating!  Namely, it was my nephew’s 3rd birthday!

On Thursday my Dad came over and mentioned that Bruce and Dean were spending the night on Friday and he wanted Layla and Ezra to join them.  I warned him that it’ll get crazy when they’re all together, but I guess he enjoys the pain!  With that, on Friday after work, I brought the kids over to Mom & Dad’s house.  The decibel levels increased immediatly!  First they changed and jumped in the pool.

That wasnt a long stretch of time because the water was kinda cold, so they got all cleaned up and played with Baby Dean.

After they got settled, I headed home.  With a kid-free night, Sheena and I grabbed dinner at Brandani’s in the Township.  Sheena’s been there before, but this was my first time.  Pretty good stuff!

The next day I got up early and mowed the lawn.  I was going to film it and make a mini movie about it, but I know how much No Hugs Sherene hates it, so I didn’t do it.  It took waaaay longer than I expected!  Edging, mowing and cleaning up afterwards took about 3 hours!

While I was doing that, Sheena did some shopping, went to Teena’s baby shower and then went to Sharon’s bridal shower… Like I said, a lot of celebrations.  Check out her videos!


Around 2pm, I scooped up the kids and came home.  They had a great time!

Later that night was Jobbins’ baby shower.  The call was to bring a box of diapers.  Layla wrote the card for me.

Here’s a shot of the diaper wall.  By the end of the night it was waaaay bigger than this!

Here’s some pics of the grub.


Here’s one of the Dad-to-be.

Shibin busted out the drone!  The footage was awesome!

If anyone wants to gift me a drone, please feel free!  Here’s some more peeps throughout the night.

Good times!  It was great to just see everyone and chill for a bit.

Sunday we did our usual.  Went to church, then headed to HEB.  This time I bought the ingredients for a BLT and filmed it.  Check it out!

After the BLT, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for Brucey’s Birthday party.  The kids had a blast.  The parents were tired.  Check it out.


Overall a very busy but really fun weekend!

Weekend Review [March 25th, 2017]

This weekend was very busy!  Luckily, I like busy.

We were finally able to see Jeremiah (Dudley and Betsey’s baby)

But that was on Sunday.  Let me go back a bit.

On Thursday, Sheena and I went to the Dave Chappelle Show.  There were no phones allowed in the venue, so I don’t have any pics, but I do have this pic of Sheena when we went to Jinya afterwards for ramen.  (She fine).

The show was awesome.  He’s still hilarious!  Even his opening acts were pretty funny as well.  Overall, a really great time!

On Friday, Sheena had a girls night out with some of her friends, so I hauled the kids out to Blesson’s house just to keep us all occupied and entertained.  The kids put on a concert for us (sorry for the blurry pic).

Then they laughed at some TV show.

Then all four of ’em started to wind down a bit.

I gave them baths before we left (strategic) so that they could fall asleep on the drive back home and I would be able to just carry them both straight to bed.  Unfortunately, Blesson had the brilliant idea of serving Sunkist with the pizza for dinner… so they were jacked up on that sugar!  J/K… they eventually fell asleep.

On Saturday, Blesson and I did a small project (I’ll post a video about it in a few weeks).  We were close to Wes’ side of town so we all grabbed lunch together.  It was nice to kick it and just chat for a bit.

After Blesson’s project, my friend Ashok came over and we started another project as well.  I’ll post a video about that one as soon as the project is done.  So basically, Saturday was a full day of being outside and working… which is great!  It’s hard to have opportunities to actually do that, so when it comes, it’s fun to make happen!  Ashok, Limi and Naomi kicked it for dinner as well.  It was nice to chat and just hang out a bit.

On Sunday, we did our usual.  We went to church and then headed to HEB.  Layla looks like she doesn’t want to take a pic, but she’s actually saying that she’s five years old.  Ezzy just fell asleep at the wheel… not really, he was actually trying to eat the wheel.

After HEB we quickly went home, dropped off our groceries and headed back to the church.  There were a few people getting baptized, so we wanted to come and support.

Here’s the crowd.

Our friend Amy snapped a pic of us.

Here’s Pastor Malcolm making a few announcements.

And here’s Tyler baptizing his son.  Very special moment!

Afterwards, we stopped by Ula’s for lunch.  First time there.  Pretty good food!

Sheena was hopeful that Ezzy would offer his ice cream to her.

Here’s Layla enjoying her ice cream.

After a quick stop back at the house, we headed to Pasadena to visit baby Jeremiah.

Look how alert he is!  Super cute!

After Pasadena, we drove to Pearland to visit Mom.  After we kicked it there for a bit, we drove to Sugarland to visit Mini Aunty and Sam Uncle.  They had leftover food from a party, so we swooped in to grab some of that grub for the week!

Sunday was a lot of driving, but it’s nice to just see friends and family.

Overall a really great weekend!


Friends!  Check out this old pic of a few of my cousins!

Blesson and I have a ton of cousins.  The closest ones to us (by age and proximity) were Shirley, Sherry and Wes.  Needless to say, we were all very close!

As some of y’all may know Sherry has conquered Cancer!  Here’s a more recent pic of her.

Needless to say, we’re all blessed by her story and are proud of her for making it through and becoming an advocate of not only raising awareness, but also raising funds that go towards the research that would hopefully one day eliminate Cancer all together!

As y’all know, not everyone that battles Cancer has the happy ending that Sherry received.  With that said, Sherry’s on a mission to raise as much money as she can in a campaign through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  In the next 10 weeks, she’s looking for friends, family, strangers… anyone that’s willing to donate to this cause.  This campaign will begin on March 23, 2017 and end on June 3, 2017.  It’s going to be a quick 10 weeks, so don’t delay!

Here’s where you can help.  Go to www.sherthelove.com and donate.  If you’re feeling extra awesome, share this link on your social media accounts to get others to donate as well!

Helping others is the right thing to do.  If you’re on the fences about donating, just do it!  You never regret doing the right thing.  As an added bonus, you’ll also help Sherry become Women of the Year for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

Thanks in advance for your donation and for sharing!

Weekend Review – Rodeo!

This weekend was filled with a lot of things, namely the Rodeo!

But let me start at the beginning.  During the week, we celebrated my Dad’s birthday.  Mom made a cake and the kids helped Dad cut (and eat) it.

On Friday, we did our monthly prayer meeting.  This time it was at Blesson and Jolly’s house.

Ruby came down from Dallas for a visit too!  It was great to see her!

Sheena spoke.  She did an amazing job!  If you’re looking for a speaker at your next event, holla at me!  As her manager, I’ll get you the best rate!

Afterwards, the kiddos watched a movie.

Saturday morning, I met with a friend for a bit, but came home to see the kids examining “Sparkles” the slug.

Around lunch time we headed to Chuck E. Cheese’s for Anya’s birthday party!  On the stage, this scary looking demon was on the stage.

He stood about 6 or 7 feet… that’s the creep I be seeing in my sleep….

I was more frightened than the kids were… which is probably a good thing.  Here’s some shots from the party.

The birthday girl was all smiles!

Pokie didn’t get the memo that the games were actually for the kids…

Bibby didn’t get that memo either…

After the party we went home.  The kids (and Sheena) took a long nap.  For dinner, we headed to Beck’s Prime and sat outside.  The weather was awesome!

On Sunday, we changed things up a bit…  We went to HEB and then went to Church!  We’re such rebels…

After lunch, we headed to the Rodeo!  We all met up at my parent’s house and caravan’d to NRG Stadium.  (Just FYI, Dad’s not wearing a Trump hat).

It was a blast!  A lot of walking (thank God for the double stroller), but all the games and sites to see where well worth it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!