Week in Review

What I did

This week was pretty full. Early in the week we checked out a spot call The Perfect Round. Its an indoor golf simulator. Really fun and great way to get some practice without burning up outside.

We’ve been getting a ton of rain this week, so that brought out the snails and our neigborhood alligator as well!

This week was field day at the kid’s school. Our friend Deepa was able to snap this pic of Ezzy.

On Friday, we went into town, met up with Matt and Lisa and checked out the Puttshack. It was very cool!

Very fun spot! I’ll definitely go back. And its always fun to hang with Matt and Lisa in the city.

We grabbed a quick bite from Burger Bodega. This place had a line out the door and rightfully so! It was delicious!

Saturday was super busy. We dropped off Layla at her friend’s house for a birthday party. Ezzy spent the day with grandma. Sheena and I headed off to a wedding. Friends of our from church go married so it was awesome to witness their wedding.

The son and daughter-in-law of the groom are our good friends. It was great hanging with them as well!

After the wedding, we rushed home, got Layla from the party, dropped her off with Grandma and Ezzy and then we headed back out for our cousin’s graduation party.

Fun times! Sunday was Mother’s day. Blesson and Jolly hosted Mother’s Day lunch so we headed that way after church.

Bless whipped up some delicious food! It was great to hang with everyone.

What did I learn

This week I learned that I’m really bad at golf and that I need a lot more practice. Luckily it’s still fun to putt around even when you’re bad. When I was younger, if I wasn’t halfway decent at something, I wouldn’t put too much effort in it. For example, basketball. I had the height (comparatively), but I never really leaned into it. I wish I did and I’m hoping not to make that same mistake again. Hopefully l can keep at it with golf!

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