Week in Review

What I did

This week was pretty standard. Family and work. Sheena’s cousins came in from Oklahoma for a wedding and brought their beautiful daughter. They stayed at Shane’s house so we came to visit.

Ezzy doesn’t typically smile for pics, but she got a smile out of him!

We ran a bunch of errands and did house stuff all day, so we treated ourselves to some boba tea

Then some dinner at Eduardo’s. Sheena raves about this place, but I never been. Not too bad!

We take Russell for a walk 3 times a day. He’s usually very mean to dogs that are bigger than him, but he is IN LOVE with a dog named Daisy. And she loves him too.

What did I learn

This week I learned that I always get surprised on how hot Houston gets. Its not “officially” summer, I don’t think but temps sure feel that way. I’m also learning that if you don’t plan out your summer, it’ll get away from you quickly. So we’re busy trying to make plans so that we make the most of the summer. Although it’s hot, its still a great time of year, so need to take advantage of it!

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