Quarantine Log – Day 33

Here’s what we’ve been up to since the last log.  We went fishing in our neighborhood lake. 

We’ve been fishing here before with no luck, but this time Ezzy got his first catch!

Check out this beast!  Don’t worry, we threw him back.

Sheena mom found a bee hive that appeared overnight in her back yard!  

We called a bee guy that came that day (Easter Sunday) and extracted the bee hive and brought them back to his place.

Sheena and the kids made bread.  Here’s a vid showing the process:

I also installed cabinet handles in the kitchen.  Check out the video:


The weather has been amazing, so we’ve been playing outside a lot more.

and another day of fishing as well.  This time the kids wanted chairs.  This time we almost hooked one, but it got away from us before we could pull him in.

I love that the kids like fishing.  Ezzy said that when he has kids he’ll take them fishing all the time!

One day we tried to make biscuit donuts.  Fun to make, but overall a fail.  I mean, they were sweet and tasted OK, but definitely not donuts.  They were basically biscuits covered in a homemade glaze.

This shot, you’ll notice that my mustache is gone!

We also had a Zoom Birthday party for my niece, Priya!  It was actually pretty fun!  Wes and Robby did Family Feud with facts about Priya.  It was great!

Since the weather has been great, I ordered a griddle so I can do some cooking outside.  I have a grill, but I’m horrible about flame control.  A griddle just seems easier to make burgers, steaks and the like.  I put it together and seasoned the top so hopefully I’ll get some good use outta this!

I hope everyone is making the best out of this situation.  It’s still very odd not being able to conduct life normally, but I’m starting to get used to this new normal… or lets call it a temporary normal because I’d still like to go to a store without a face mask, or just hang out with family and friends again (without the use of technology).

Stay safe and healthy, friends!

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