Quarantine Log – Day 23

Here’s the scoop since the last quarantine log.

I took some old business cards and made a boat for Ezra.

The mustache is still on me…

A hawk flew into our backyard and ate something!  Here’s a shot of her flying away.

This kids did online school.

We played on the driveway.  This is a pic of the kids killing caterpillars.

Sometimes we do quick visits to our parents house.  Dad was straightening my Mom’s hair out of boredom (weird), so Layla called next (cute).

We did some family walks.  Yes, I still have the mustache.  

One of the things that the kids have on their agenda is yoga by way of YouTube.

A duck flew into our backyard.  Do you see it?

How about now?

I did a grocery run.  I got there at 8am and there was a line wrapping the store.  Everyone was roughly 6ft apart.

Another day I went to my parent’s house.  I traded toilet paper for a bag of home grown oranges.  Yes I still have the mustache.  Sheena and the kids stayed in the van.

We did face-time with friends.

We’re playing a lot of Super Mario Bros 3.

and by “we” I mean Sheena is playing a lot of Super Mario Bros!  She’s a pro!

Also during the week I did some work on the truck (which I wrote about).  Working from home is getting more normal now.  It’s tough working and keeping the kids entertained, but it’s working out.

I hope all is well and staying healthy!

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