Quarantine Log – Day 50

We’re trying our best to stay diligent in the social distancing, but we’re opening it up a little more to close family.  As long as there are no signs of being sick by anyone, we’ll hang with the folks or my brother.  But anything outside of that is still straight up hazmat suits.

One day, I was working the garage and hear a bunch of sirens.  Nowadays, the cops will come to your house by request and wish you a happy birthday.  One of our neighbors did it.

One of the days Blesson, Jolly and the kids came over for a quick visit.  The kids played outside.

I recently bought a griddle, so I’ve been having a lot of fun with that.

We’ve been doing a bunch of fishing in the neighborhood lake.

We typically load up the wagon with chairs, fishing rods, tackle box and maybe a lil snack.  Throw that whole thing in the back of the truck and do the 30 second drive to the lake.

More griddle time.  This time it was chicken breast.

We experimented with deep fried donuts. It was decent, but not amazing.

The kids glazed the donuts as well.

Like I said.  Good but not amazing.

While the fryer was out and full of oil, we started looking around for other things to deep fry.  Sweet potato fries was all we could think of.

One of the nights our friends Matt and Lisa came over for a social distance hang out.  They stayed in their car while we chilled on the driveway.

The kids hung out in hammocks.

We have a daily routine for the kids to follow every weekday morning.  Exercise is one of the items.  Here are the kids getting some miles on the elliptical.  Not sure if this really counts.

Here’s another day of fishing.  Ezzy’s hauling the gear to the truck.

Saturday morning breakfast.

Riding around in an empty parking lot

Layla recently got the courage to ride without training wheels.  We’re really proud of her!  Ezzy’s being a supportive brother running alongside her.

We had a quick dinner at my parent’s house.  Blesson made gumbo.

Sheena and the kids have been doing some major baking.  I’m not complaining.

The weather has been pretty great so one day the kids did reading time outside in the backyard.

More griddle time.  Chicken thighs with veggies.

Chalk art with the cousins at my folks’ driveway.

Sonic slushes with the cousins.

More griddle time.  Chicken breast and mushrooms.

We found a squirrel chilling under the truck.  Just trying to catch some shade, I guess.

We had dinner outside.  Again, great weather so we’ll take any reason to be outside.

We went to the Macy’s parking garage to have more space to ride around.  It was empty so that was perfect.

The kids loved it!

We’ve been doing a bunch of zoom calls with friends.  Here’s one session:


Overall, we’re still hanging in there.  Nothing really to complain about.  It’s easy to be bummed by the fact that we can’t do what we normally do like going out to eat or just hanging out with family and friends, but it’s been great just being home with the family and doing things around the house. 

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

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