Pressure Washing the Driveway

Driveways get dirty.  It’s inevitable.  I never really realized how dirty it got and didn’t really pay any attention to it.  That wasn’t the case with my Home Owners Association.  Not only did they say to clean my driveway, but they also mentioned that I needed to clean my landscape rocks too!  Crazy, right?  Well, I had some free time this past Saturday, so I figured I’d try to get the job done.  Here are some shots of what my driveway looked like:dirty drivewayFilthy, right?!

Step 1:  Go to Home Depot and rent a pressure washer (ideally one with 2500 psi or above)

Step 2:  Realize that it’ll cost $50+ for a 4 hour rental.  I want to get most outta my money, so I didn’t wanna drop that cash without starting early in the morning and doing more than just my driveway.

Step 3:  “Borrow” my neighbor’s pressure washer while they’re gone for the day.IMG_1998

Step 4:  Use the blower to clear off the driveway of leaves and other debris.

Step 5:  Attached the water hose, gas up the pressure washer and get to cleaning!IMG_1999Crazy, right!  I couldn’t believe how dirty the driveway really was!  It looks dirtier since it’s wet, but still!  I was doing the cleaning by section, so here’s a shot of a clean section compared to a dirty section:dirty vs cleanAfter about 2.5hrs, I finished the whole drive way:before afterNoticeably different!  You’ll note at the end of the driveway is a puddle of the dirty water.  Shortly after I finished, I drove the cars up the driveway (like an idiot) and tracked in a nice amount of the dirt again.  Hopefully when it rains it’ll wash off… or I can take a water hose and clean it up.  Overall, I’m very satisfied with the work.  It wasn’t too hard and didn’t eat up an entire day.  Now I’m actually considering buying a pressure washer!  I still need to clean my back patio, sidewalks, windows, brick walls, etc… not to mention my parent’s house or the rental homes, so having one readily available would be nice.

If you’re considering doing a job like this, go for it!  It’s easy to DIY and cheaper than hiring someone to do it for ya!


2 Replies to “Pressure Washing the Driveway”

    1. the use of rotary flat surface cleaners like shown underneath we easy block paving with no trouble with our 30 litre in line with minute waft fee which rips via moss and weeds.
      go with the flow charge is the most vital issue to smooth paving to its complete ability. we’ve got more than a few machines all rated at two hundred bar, 3000psi.


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