Building a Table Top

A friend of ours asked me to build a table top for her.  She has a little booth/shop in the Heights area where she sells things she builds and I wanted to collaborate with her, so this was my chance!

As usual, I drew up a quick sketch and went to Home Depot.  Once I got the materials home, it was simply a matter of drilling pocket holes and joining them together.IMG_2284Then using my nail gun, I finished it with some trim to clean up the edges.IMG_2285IMG_2288I tried to finish the shorter ends, but realized there was too much warp in the wood!slightly warpedI flipped it on it’s top and used a straight edge to see how bad it was.warped woodI looked up how to get the bow out of a board and apparently you can apply heat to it and it’ll naturally re-shape itself to how it’s supposed to be.  Ideally, using a heat gun would do the trick, but I didn’t have one.  I did find that you could use a wet towel and a hot iron and that’ll have the same effect, so I gave it a shot.warped wood fixAfter about 5 to 10 minutes of ironing the bowed area, it actually started to straighten up!  Enough that I could attached the finish boards to complete the project!IMG_2301 IMG_2299This was basically the end of my part of the project.  I brought it over to my friend’s house and she was going to attach them to metal saw horses (similar to the black saw horses I’m using above but waaaaay cooler looking).

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