Quarantine Log – Day 11

Here’s a recap of the first part of this COVID-19 quarantine.  Well, I’m sure everyone knows whats going on with the Coronavirus since its a worldwide issue.  But here’s whats been going on with us.  

The kids’ spring break started on March 9th, 2020.  We did a lemonade stand the Saturday before and at that time, COVID was a thing around the world but not serious in the States.  Here’s a quick video recap of the Lemonade Stand:


The week of Spring Break, Sheena and I both worked and the kids had fun staying with Grandma.  The following week, things got a bit more serious where my work starting doing a rotation system on when groups of people could come into the office.  In addition to that, the kids’ school “extended” spring break for another 2 weeks at that time.  This would put them back in school on March 30th, 2020.  Luckily I was able to stay home with the kids and work from home.  Sheena had to continue to go into the office but she has some flexibility to work from home as well from time to time.

As things continued to progress around the world, restrictions grew.  We discover that school will now be out until April 10th (a total of 5 weeks including Spring Break!).  Also in that time we learned that a “Stay Home” order was issued for Harris County (where I work) and Fort Bend County, (where we live) for 2 weeks.

Ok, enough of the negative things.  Here’s what we did during that time:

Go to restaurants for drive thru service.  A lot of business switched to the drive thru or pick up and go model to stay in business.  Here’s a few vids we made of that.  The first one is Texas Biergarten:


and Lopez:


Sheena and the kids baked a cake:


It was reeeeaaallly good!

We’ve been doing a lot of playing in the back yard and going for walks around the neighborhood (keeping our distance from others, of course).  The first week was a test week for me, cause I’m not great at knowing what to do with the kids.  There was a lot of “hey, read the bible”… “OK, have a little TV time”… “Hey, read a book”… “Hey, do some math problems”… OK, watch some more TV”…

To be honest, there is a lot more TV time…  The second week has a little more order to it.  We created an agenda for the kids and they do a pretty good job self-policing and following the agenda.  

We did some more planting and lawn care stuff.  Sheena wants some more pots to put plants in, so I tried my luck at making a pot for her:

It turned out OK.  We ended up putting some flowers in it, but just didnt snap a pic.

Morning Bible reading is one of the agenda items.

Non-TV Time activities like coloring is on the list as well.

We’ve had this orange tree that the previous owner planted and we’ve neglected for years.  I decided to try and give it some love.  

Take out the grass around the tree.

Buy some fresh dirt specific to citrus trees.

and pray that it works…

The weather has been nice and the cars are covered in pollen, so I got the kids to wash the cars.

They’re really cute, but they did a horrible job.

Hopefully we can stay busy and healthy for the rest of this “lockdown”.  I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy!

Hopefully things will get back to normal soon!

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