A weekend in Phoenix

On January 16th, 2009, Sheena and I along with other friends of ours went to Phoenix, AZ for Earl’s wedding.  I didnt have high expectation for the city itself, but I was totally wrong!  Maybe it was the fact that we went to the desert in “winter”, but the weather was excellent.  Also there was plenty to see and a lot of outdoorsy things to do.  That same weekend was the P.F. Changs fun run which cut right in front of our hotel on sunday morning… we saw a sea of people run throughout the town.  Somewhat inspiring, but as they were running, I was driving along side them looking for a place to eat!  On top of that, The Cardinals played that weekend to make their way into the Big Game, which is this coming Sunday.  Needless to say it was a big weekend for Phoenix… Cardinals win their chance to be number 1, thousands of people ran though her city streets and Earl and Asha got married!  What else could you ask for in a weekend?

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