Quality Customer Service

I recently bought 2 suites from the Men’s Warehouse.   Before that, I had one standard black suit that I did everything in… weddings, funerals, sound gigs for CCM, you name it…  With a lot of miles under that suit a new one was needed.  Then Men’s Warehouse came out with the great “2 for 1 sale”.  How could I pass that up, right?  So I checked out a few suits and Donnie, the sales rep that helped me out, walked me thourgh everything that I would need to know about a suit.  Its been a while since I purchased a suit, so I wasn’t used to all the pampering that he did, such as helping me put on the suit jacket, picking out matching shoes, ties and shirts and preping the clothing before I tried any of it on… it was a bit much, but I really did appreciate it.  I had to get some alterations done on both suits and there was a miscommunication as to what date one of the suits would be ready.  Even with that set back, I still wasn’t bothered because of the great customer service that I had experienced.  If you’re looking for a suit, and you’re in the Sugarland area, go see Donnie at the Men’s Warehouse.  He’ll definetly take care of ya.

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