Long time…

Dudley might get bored at work, so I wanted to post something fast…

It’s been a while since I’ve written.  Life’s been pretty busy.  Good, but busy.  A lot of things have happend since the last time I wrote.  I’ll fill ya in later on the past… but lets talk about the future!

Sheena and I are trying to plan out some mini trips and one big trip.  We’ll be going to Galveston with a few friends to do a bike ride along the seawall… that should be pretty fun.  Soon after that, we’ll be heading to Chicago for a friend’s wedding and to hang out with some good friends as well.  Then our big trip this year will be India!  We’re both really looking forward to that.  Its been a while since I’ve been, so it should be fun.

Ok.. until next time….

One Reply to “Long time…”

  1. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA!! You are so awesome Sajan! That was truly hilarious. I was like super bored today. So i clicked on your site……….very nice!


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