Getting Settled

Sheena and I moved into our new house around the begining of February.  Its now early April and although we’ve got a majority of our stuff settled in, we still have one room full of boxes and our garage is basically an oversized storage room for junk!  It’s finally getting to me, so Sheena and I decided to set up a plan of attack to knock this stuff out.  Hopefully we’ll be able to stick to it and we’ll have a house worthy of bringing people over to without having to avoid parts of the house because of the embarrssing mess.  My goal is to have it ready to go by mid-May.  If anyone is reading this and can remember, holla at me by mid-May and check up on me to see if it was all done!

2 Replies to “Getting Settled”

    1. Actually, for the most part, we’re done. The garage is still slowly getting organzied, the office is usable, but still can use some work… but everything else is ready to rock!


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