Homeless in Houston

I have a 4 block walk to work from my parking garage to my office in Downtown Houston.  Usually it’s a nice walk and I get to stretch my legs and enjoy the day (if it’s a nice day to enjoy).  Today as I did my usual walk, a homeless guy comes up to me on a bike and puts his hand out to shake mine.  I didn’t think too much about it and shook his hand.  He seemed touched by it saying, that he was so happy that I shook his hand and that others usually treat him like he’s a monster or something… that really sucked to hear.  A part of me understands why people would act like that because they’re looking out for their own health and basic hygiene, but its a simple hand shake, right?  Sidenote, I washed my hands as soon as I got to the office.

Well anyway, he goes on to talk about how he needs to get food for his wife and 4 month old.  I don’t like giving money to anyone because you never really know what they’re gonna spend it on, plus there are multiple organizations that will provide for the homeless… but I wanted to give him something, so I offered him my lunch.  Funny thing, he didn’t seem to happy to only get my sandwich and apple!  haha… Hopefully it helps, but it makes me wonder what to do in those situations.  We’re called to help the less fortunate, but what happens if the less fortunate is taking advantage of that belief?

All of this was to simply say that I’ll be eating dumplings at Doozo’s today rather than my usual sandwich and apple prepared by Sheena!

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