Memorial Day Weekend 2010

This memorial day weekend was super busy and fun, but ended with a dose of sombering reality.  On Friday, Sheena and Lisa hosted a bridal shower for their good friend Jessica Mathew.  Needless to say, I was kicked out of my own home, but luckly the groom, Tim Thomas, invited all of his groomsmen out to dinner.  We met up at Fogo de Chao and ate till my pants ripped in half.  It was a horribly awesome experience.  The food was soo delicious and it was also great to spend time with some really good friends.  The next day (Saturday) was the engagement of Tim and Jessica at Maggiano’s.  It was never ending family style food and the food is awesome as well… I was still full from the night before, but after getting a swiff of the food infront of me, I got my second wind.  So once again, I ate till Sheena had to roll me to the car.  Another horribly awesome experience.  After the Engagement, the Mani brothers came over to our house and hung out for a bit.  Good times…  Later that day Jolly, my brother’s fiance, flew into town to surprise Blesson on his birthday, so I scooped her up from the air port, picked up a tres leches cake and came back to the house.  Blesson came over shortly after and was thouroghly suprised.  It was great!  After that, we decided (of course) to go eat again!  So we headed out to Sinh Sinh for some delicious chinese food… If you’re counting, that’s 3 enormous meals in 2 days.

Sunday comes around and we head out to Lakewood to check out Bishop TD Jakes.  Awesome message.  I’ve heard about how great of a speaker he is through friends, but man, when you hear him for yourself, it’s a whole other story!  We hit up the 8:30am service, which let out at 10ish.  So guess what we decide to do… that’s right, we go to Whatabuger to grab a quick breakfast.  After we grub down, we drop off Lisa, Jolly and Sheena to catch the 11am service (apparently they didn’t get enough TD Jakes!) and Blesson and I head to Living Waters Christian Church.  On our way there (and this is that sombering dose of reality I refered to) I get a text from Benson saying that our former pastor (Ps. V.J. Thomaskutty) and his wife had died in a house fire earlier that morning.  I was in shock.  I couldn’t believe the text.  You can read more about what when down on this entry.

Sunday, May 30th, was Blesson’s birthday, so my parents, Blesson, Jolly, Sheena and I went to Black Walnut for lunch.  It was nice for all 6 of us to have a good meal together, even though I couldnt stand to eat anymore by then.  Good conversation and a good picture of our future family after June 5th (Blesson and Jolly’s wedding).  Sunday ended with some more friends coming over and all of us just hanging out till 2am with interesting conversation.

Monday, Sheena’s parents came over to the house with Florida Umachi (grandmother)!  I’ve heard a lot about her, but this was my first time to meet her.  What a cool lady!  She’s super young looking to even be an Umachi, but clearly full of wisdom and stories from the past.  Sheena and Jolly both prepared an enormous brunch for all of us.  So much that we had to call on back up (Shane and Benson) to come over and help us eat some of the food.  Its was delicious!  Later that Monday, Jolly started making an amazing steak dinner for Blesson, Sheena and me.  We had a fresh ceaser salad then a NY strip steak covered with mushrooms with oven fries.  It was sooo good.  And to top it off, Sheena and Jolly made a molten chocolate cake dessert.  Amazing…. 

I know this was a long post, but that didn’t even capture all the little details of the entire weekend.  Needless to say, it was fun and full of food.  This coming week is going to be crazy with the lead up of Blesson and Jolly’s wedding.  There’s so much to make sure gets done.  There’s a lot to do, but it’s also a lot of fun…  Looking forward to it all!

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