Father’s Day Weekend [June 17th, 2017]

This weekend was jam packed!  One of the many things was a trip to the Children’s Museum with some friends!

That was Saturday, let me start at the beginning.  On Friday morning, I took the kids to school for a “Danishes with Daddy” day.

I made a quick movie.  Check it out!

Fun times!  That evening we had our monthly bible study with friends.  We always start off with a meal.  This time was chicken curry with chapati!  It was AMAZING!  Paul and Amy hosted and it was a really fun time!

Dudley did a great job sharing the message.

On Saturday, Sheena had to work, so I took the kids to the Children’s Museum.

Our friend Silky organized it and got us in.  It was fun to get all the kids together.

There was a “phone” exhibit.  The kids had no idea what a pay phone was!  I explained that payphones were used when my parents would page me, I would have to pull over, find a payphone, put in 25 cents and call them back to tell them I was on my way.  Then I gave an example of what I looked like while I was on the payphone (usually in a not-so-great area) while my Dad would yell at me for still being out so late:

(photo credit:  Pratik Patel).  The kids lost interest after I said “my parents would page me”.

After checking things out inside, we headed outside to see the water features and enjoy some Popsicle.

Afterwards, we walked over the a taco shop and had lunch.

I made a quick movie of the fun.  Check it out!

Later that evening, we headed to Sugar Land Town Square for dinner.  A new spot opened up called Bacon Bros Public House.  Anything with bacon sounds amazing, so we had to check it out!

The food was pretty good!  The service was pretty slow, but the waiter was super nice.  I’d go back again.  After dinner, we walked around town square.  They had an “American Idol” type of contest going on, so we stopped and listened for a bit.

After going to Nissa’s birthday party, Sheena has been obsessed with trampolines.  “The Smart Trampoline” had a set up at the square.  Since we ate, we didn’t jump, but we were tempted!

For dessert, we headed to Marble Slab for some ice cream.

On Sunday morning, I woke up to Layla calling me for breakfast.  Sheena made bacon, eggs, fruit and chai.  It was great!  You’ll note in the pic below that Layla wrote up the menu.

After breakfast, we did our usual Sunday routine (church and HEB).  Later that evening, we headed to my parent’s house for dinner.

The kids went out back to check out Mom and Dad’s garden (and blow bubbles).

Here’s Dad and Ezzy picking some veggies.

We haven’t had a family picture with Dean in there, so here’s the best we could take.  It’s hard with the little ones!

Mom and Shane joined us too!

Overall a pretty fun weekend!

Weekend Review [June 10th, 2017]

This weekend was chill but busy.  On Friday, I mowed the lawn.  Shane came over so the whole crew went to the park.

I’ve been using a new edger/week wacker for a while, so I made a quick video about it!

The right tools make any job sooo much easier!

On Saturday we went to Nissa’s 5th birthday party.  It was a ton of fun!  It’s always great seeing friends!

Here’s a quick highlight video:

After the birthday party, we chilled at home for a bit, then we headed to our friends house for Layla and Ezra to have a play date.  Layla has a really good friend since she was 1 year old.  We don’t get to see her on a regular basis, but we got a chance to hang over the weekend.  They played dress up.

Aubrey’s lil bro jumped in the pic as well.  Ezzy was too busy playing with Aaron’s Paw Patrol toys to be bothered with the picture!

They found some jewelry too and wanted to show it off!

Sunday we did our usual (Church then HEB) and then we chilled at the house.  I took the kids out for a hair cut (for Ezzy) and then we visited my folks.  After that, we did a quick ice cream stop at Subzero Ice Cream.

Fun times!  Overall a very fun weekend!

E = Emcee squared

I’ve recently come to realize that I’ve emcee’d a lot of weddings.  This is in no particular order:

Biju and Anitha’s wedding with Sheena


My cousin Ansu’s wedding in Atlanta.  My co-MC was my other cousin Sherry, but she left me hanging! (since I don’t have a pic of me actually with a mic, here’s one with my dad and brother from that wedding)


Bobin and Alphie’s wedding.  This one was a long time ago, but I believe I MC’d with Joyce.


Jebin and Michelle’s wedding with Anup.


Job and Ashruthi’s wedding


Merin and Jaison’s wedding with Anup again.


Sarath and Sharon’s wedding with Jane.


Togy and Joanna’s wedding with Sheena.


I couldn’t find pictures, but I know I also co-emcee’d Noble/Jomy’s wedding with Josh and Subin/Ancy’s wedding with Dudley.

The most recent emceeing event was Sarah’s wedding in the south of France.

Can you spot a running theme?  I wear the same suit to every wedding (except for one, because that was before I got the gray suit)…  You know what is more ridiculous?  I have a ton of suits!  Literally, I have around 10 suits!

I really enjoy getting to emcee weddings (or any event for that matter).  It’s just fun to be a part of weddings/events in that regard.  It’s also just fun being behind a mic!  I don’t know why… I just like it.  So I cherish the opportunities!  Thanks to all the couples that let me play a role in their big day!

Weekend Review [June 3rd, 2017]

This weekend we started the kids on swim lessons, hung out with friends, went to the pool, chilled at the house and went to a wedding.

On Thursday, I took the kids to their first swim lesson.

It was all smiles at first, but the tears started rolling as soon as they got into the water!  Its odd because they love going to the pool!  I guess its the idea of not having a floaty?  Maybe because they’re unfamiliar with the instructor?  Any parents out there deal with the same issue?

On Friday, Shelby set up a guys dinner with some of the fellas that come to a monthly prayer meeting we’re all a part of.  It was nice to just kick it and chat for a bit.

Sheena and the kids wanted to get out of the house as well, so they actually dropped me off and roamed around Sugar Land Town Square.  Periodically, Sheena would send pics of what they were doing.

Sheena and the kids headed back before we got the bill, so Anil was kind enough to bring me back home.

On Saturday, Earl, Asha, Maya and Priya came over to hang out.  It’s been a while since we all kicked it, so it was nice to have a leisurely morning with them.  It bled into lunch time so we scooped up some Chick-fil-a.

Then the kids wanted to play outside.  Ezra wanted to show off his summer bod.

After the Thomas’ left, we kicked it for a bit.  The kids wanted to go to the pool, and they needed more exposure to swimming, so we headed to our community pool.

We started off in the kiddie pool, but eventually made our way to the big pool.  It was nice to be in the pool, until a huge cloud rolled in with the threat of thunder/lighting… so we headed home.  The we just kicked it for the rest of the day.

On Sunday, we did our usual (Church then HEB).  Afterwards the kids relaxed while Sheena was cooking.

Later on Sunday we headed to Abin’s wedding.  As we were heading out there it started to pour down rain.  It was crazy!  We almost turned back to go home because of high water, but we decided to stick around.  Luckily the rain let up and everything turned out just fine!  Here’s a video of the wedding.

Overall a pretty fun weekend!

Weekend Review – Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day Weekend we had Monday off, so we try to take full advantage of the time.  This weekend was Sheena’s high-school friend, Sharon’s wedding.

But that was on Sunday.  On Saturday, we hosted a brunch at the house with some friends.  Tim & Jess whipped up some pancakes.  They were great!

Manju & Cyndi brought the bacon so then it really became a party!

The kids had fun playing with Oliver!

Later that evening, Ron and Neema came in from Dallas to spend the night.  The next morning (Sunday) the kids had breakfast together.

After church, we had head off to the wedding, so we snapped a quick pic with the family before we all headed out on our separate ways.

Sheena and I dropped off the kids with Mom & Dad and headed to Cypress, TX for the wedding.

Here’s a quick video of the wedding.

Sharon and Allen did a great job making sure the whole wedding and reception was fun for all!  We had a great time.

Monday we had the folks come over for a small BBQ at the house.  I grilled up some burgers and sausages while Sheena made some sweet potato fries and squash.  It was low-key, but fun.  Here’s a video of it all.

Blesson and Jolly couldn’t join us for lunch because they were in Austin, but they stopped by the house on their way home.

Overall a pretty fun weekend!

Party-filled weekend!

This weekend we had a few birthday parties to attend.  Saturday was Rayna’s party and Sunday was Maya’s party.

But let me rewind back to Thursday.  Lisa gave me a call to see if I wanted to check out the Prayer at the Poll event at City Hall.  I had some time, so I made the walk there.

Upon closer inspection of the praise & worship team, I see the one and only Jason Joy!!!!

He’s amazing!  After checking that out a bit, I met with Lisa, Ari and a couple of their friends.

It was fun catching up and meeting new peeps!

On Friday, I met up with a few friends to watch to Rockets game.

Fun to hang out, but a sad loss.  Outside there was a live band for Cinco de Mayo.  They were pretty good!

Jobbins, Earl and I made a quick stop to Whataburger too.  Honey Butter Biscuits, Baby!

Saturday morning, I met with Blesson to help him assemble some chairs for Jolly’s new clinic.  Here’s a quick video of the fun!

Fun times!  Immediately after that, I rushed home, got changed, Sheena go the kids ready and we headed out to Rayna’s birthday party.

Here’s Rayna with her family!

Here’s Layla holding Rayna and Ezzy cheesing it up!

I made a quick video of the birthday.  Check it out!

Sunday, we went to church and quickly did our HEB shopping.  We did it fast because we need to head over to Maya’s birthday party!

I didn’t take many pics, but here’s a video of all the fun!

Fun times!

After we got back home, I remembered that I won a drawing for some Sweet Treats from our friend Shirley’s small biz!  Ezzy and I checked the mail together to retrieve it.

Here’s a video of what we got!

Thanks for the treats Shirley!  They were great!

Overall a packed weekend, but very fun!

Men’s Retreat + Baby Dedication + A picnic and a Popeye’s Fail

This weekend was very busy!  But let me talk about my Popeye’s Fail on Tuesday.

After school Layla was asking to go to Popeye’s for dinner.  We try our hardest to not get fast food all the time, especially something as greasy as Popeye’s, but when she mentioned it, Ezzy started wanting it too… and then I eventually wanted it as well!  I get in the drive through (no line) and order an 8pc.  After I make my order, I look behind me and notice a MASSIVE line forming behind me.  I quickly realize that it’s Tuesday… which means you get 2pc for $1.50!  That means I paid $14 for an 8pc, when I should have ordered four 2 pieces for a total of $6!

Moral of the story.  Stay in school.  Do be dumb.  Be aware of deals!

It was delicious none the less.

On Friday, Thankama Aunty was heading back to India, so we all met up on Thursday just to spend some time together before she left.  Here’s a pic of all of us.  Jolly had a bible study to attend so she couldn’t make it.

Friday after work, I headed to Fulshear, TX for a Men’s Retreat my church was hosting.  I never been to one of these, so I figured it’d be good to check it out.  It turned out to be pretty fun!

Here’s a quick video of the weekend:

Like I said, it was a great time!  It got me thinking that it’d be fun to do a smaller Men’s Retreat for some friends to just relax together, but have direct discussions about being a husband, dad and just generally being a man!  I think it’d be helpful to have that time to reflect.

I got back home Saturday afternoon and just kicked it with the family for the rest of the evening.

Sunday was a very busy day.  We headed off to church.  Layla really wanted a picture with Sheena where they were back to back with their arms crossed.  I dont know why, but here it is!

Here’s a quick video of our busy Sunday!

The wrap up of our Sunday was the Neigborhood Life picnic we helped to host for our church.

Overall a pretty great weekend!