PJs and Pizza

This weekend, the weather in Houston was amazing!  But let me back up a little further to Wednesday.  Layla’s school had a Pajama Party and that evening a bunch of the parents came out to watch the big show!

They did a pretty impressive job!  Here’s Layla and the crew singing and dancing along.

On Friday, we wanted to be outside, so we had dinner at Bella Green in Town Center.  You can see Sheena and Ezra running in the background to get extra steps.

Then we took a walk around the square.  Ezzy wanted to show off his summer six pack.

Saturday morning, we decided to get up early and go to the Chick-Fil-a at Bella Terra (near Cinco Ranch).  We did this because we won gift cards at a charity auction and we thought it was exclusive to that location.  With that, we decided to use ’em all up and get as many chicken minis as we possibly could (pictured below).  Sheena’s old co-worker, Shane is the Director at that location and he explained to us that it was actually for any location….

We literally have a Chick-Fil-a walking distance from our house, but the trip out there was definitely not a waste.  Not only did we get to see Shane, but the “new” Gallery Furniture is out that way as well, and since we were in the area, we stopped by to check it out.

They have a huge atrium with a pond in the middle and it’s surrounded by booths of historical stories.

This place is unbelievable to say the least!  We literally said that if out-of-town guest come to visit, we should take them here!  hahaha… Just a lot of fun things to look at outside of actual furniture (as noted in the pictures above).

After we got back from Gallery Furniture, Sheena and the kids went to a floral design workshop that a neighbor was hosting at their house.  While they were there, I just chilled at the house.  Not too long after they got back, I set up the hammocks and the kids played outside while I did some fence work.

Here’s Layla lounging.

We have a few broken and missing fence pickets, so I did a quick run to Home Depot and got that knocked out (along with changing our A/C filter… which I’m horrible at remembering)

I think it’s time to change out the entire fence, but this will do for now.

A little later Earl asked us to join him and Maya at the trampoline park.  How could we say no, right?  Here are the kids getting their jump on.

Afterwards we headed to Center Court Pizza for dinner

Fun times!  It was great to be able to sit outside and just enjoy the day!  Pretty soon, it’ll be scorching hot, so we gotta soak this up as much as possible!

On Sunday, we went to church and afterwards did our grocery shopping.  Mom and Dad invited us over for a BBQ dinner, so we made our way there.

But it was actually a trap.  They wanted us to re-varnish their front door.

Blesson and Dad actually did all of the work, I pretended that I was doing something important (I actually wasn’t).  After everything dried up, we re-mounted the door and headed home.

It was a pretty full and fun weekend!

Sheena made a quick movie about part of the weekend, check it out!

2 Replies to “PJs and Pizza”

  1. I love the picture of Ezra and Sheena running in the background behind Layla. It made me crack up because it looked like he was running away from her because he did something bad.


    1. hahaha.. Thanks Matt! Yea, I love that pic too! I should have just made up a story that Ezzy did something bad and Sheena was about to whip him! hahaha, but in reality, he was just winning in a race!


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