Crawfish, Baseball and a Wedding!

This week was pretty fun!  The kids were out of school on Monday.  Since Sheena took off Friday to watch the kids, I took Monday.  We linked up with Benson and Nicky for some crawfish for lunch.

Viet-Cajun is the best!  Over the prior weekend, we built a small garden bed so that we could start growing some plants.  After lunch the kids wanted to throw in some compost and just check it out again.

This week was also my firm’s 7 year anniversary since it opened up it’s Houston office.  The hook us up with great seats to the Astro’s game.  They had a few extra, so I invited Justin Joy (cousin) and Dolan Kwan (childhood friend).

We were in the Torchy’s Patio, which was super chill and the queso is off the chain!

On Friday we hosted the Gathering at our house.  I though we had a pretty spacious house, but I was very wrong…

Saturday morning, I mowed the lawn while the kids got haircuts.  When they got back, they wanted to do some work, so Sheena and Layla worked on the compost while Ezra dropped in some new soil to the garden bed.

That evening was Riya and Eldho’s wedding.  It was so flattering to be invited.  As we get older our wedding invites diminish so it’s nice to get invited from time to time.  This one was especially special because it was a friend from the church we used to go to.  I loved seeing everyone.  It was like a reunion of sorts!  Great times!

I pieced together a highlights video.  Check it out!

Sunday was packed.  We now have 3 services at our church and Layla was a part of the kids choir that sang at all 3 services!  Tiring, but very awesome!

They all did great, but I think Layla was the best!

After the 3 services and a training session for the people who volunteer with the kids church, I had to run a few errands and then finally come home and chill.  Pretty exhausting weekend, but I love keeping things busy!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed this awesome weather!

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