Mother’s Day Weekend

This week was pretty choppy because of the bad weather we had.  There was major rain that came in that caused a bit of flooding in our area.  Luckily we didn’t receive much high water, but others weren’t so lucky.  This flood came quicker than Harvey!  Pretty crazy!

But lets move on to more pleasant topics.  Because of the rain, Sheena and I both worked from home on Friday and the kids schools were closed as well.  So we all kicked it at home.

Sheena got a foot/calf massage machine as a mother’s day gift.  Ezzy was taking full advantage of it!

We had lunch at Bernie’s Burger Bus

Ezzy wanted to snap a silly pic.

Sheena’s Mom bought the kids huge chocolate bunnies.  Layla doesn’t like chocolate, but loved the bunny…

Ezzy loves chocolate and the bunny.  We had to pry this thing away from him!

Later that evening our friends Tim and Jess came over with their super cute son, Oliver.  It was fun to just hang out with them!

Saturday was very long and the weather was bad as well!  We really didn’t do anything.  The kids made a pillow fort.

We watched TV, cleaned up the house, kids did random crafts, nothing too crazy at all.  Just to get out of the house, we went to Casa de Bravos for dinner.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, so we went to Blesson and Jolly’s house for lunch.  Along with Aga’s Indian Food, there were a lot of desserts.  Like this cookie cake and the cupcakes beside them…

and this Berry Chantely cake…

and this chocolate explosion cake!

Here’s everyone enjoying all the sweets.

And here’s the whole crew, minus Jenny.  She had to work… Bummed she couldn’t make it!  Also, Kate couldn’t make the pic either because she was getting her beauty sleep.


When we got home, the kids found the confetti eggs, so they smashed it on each other.

Good times!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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