Photo Shoots and Laying Sod!

Here’s what we did this weekend.  When the kids got home, they wanted to check on their pants.

Then we had dinner at Mod Pizza (spoiler alert:  we loved it so much we went again the next day!)

There’s a fun little play zone right outside.

Then we went to Baskin Robins for ice cream!

Saturday morning, I went to the rental house to lay out some new sod.  It seems to be an every 2 year event, but it’s just hard for grass to grow with all the big trees taking up all the water and sun!

While I was doing that, Sheena and the kids did some shopping and visited her mom.  When we all got home, Ezzy wanted to water the plants.

The weather wasn’t too bad, but it would sprinkle periodically, so we played inside.  Ezra always want to build his train set going down the stairs.  They always never stay on the track!

Later, Layla wanted to water the plants.

Then we went to Starbucks.  The kids has cake pops.

Saturday night, Sheena’s Mom hosted a prayer meeting at her house.  I haven’t been to one of these in ages!

On Sunday, Sheena and Ezra went to church, but Layla and I headed to Bellaire for a photo shoot at Idea Labs. Sheena found the opportunity in one of her Facebook groups and though that Layla would enjoy the experience.  She definitely did!  Here are some behind the scenes action!

…Meanwhile back at church, Ezra was singing with his buddies for Praise & Worship.  Can you find him?

Layla’s getting her hair done for the next shot.

They did a ton of different shots with wardrobe changes.  Here’s a quick video of the experience!

Afterwards, we headed back home and got back to our regular routine.  Ezzy was washing the dishes after Sheena cooked.

Soooo cute!

…and Sheena made a chicken fajita feast!

A pretty great weekend if you ask me!  The heat is back in full effect in Houston!  Hopefully we can use the pool more than we did last year!

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