Weekend Review [Beach Day!]

On Friday, Sheena and I had a surprise few hours of free time because the kids wanted to hang with the grandparents and their cousins.  Here’s a quick video of our mini-date which consisted of dinner at Texas Biergarten and ice cream at Kilwins!:

The next morning we had a relaxed start to the day and then headed to Galveston for some beach time!  Here’s a quick video of the fun!

On Sunday, after church we met up with some friends for lunch.  Our friend Sara came in from London, so it was a good reason just to get together!

IMG_2803Pokie was jealous that we wasn’t able to make it, so he did a quick edit to the pic.


You’ll notice that he did his best to make sure that sizing was correct in his photo edits…

Overall a pretty fun weekend!

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