Weekend Review! [Sept 6th, 2019]

Hey Friends! We had a pretty chill weekend.  Nothing was really planned, but we still had a few fun things happen.  On Friday, we met some friends (Tim, Jess and their son, Oliver) at Memorial Park in Sugar Land to fly kites and have a semi-picnic.  Afterwards, they came over to the house and kicked it for a bit.

Saturday morning was real relaxed.  We went to the library.  The kids and Sheena picked out a ton of books.  I on the other hand did not.

There’s a weekly farmer’s market just outside the library in Sienna so we checked that out as well.  Since we were close by, we did a quick stop to Academy as well… just to take a look around.

By then it was lunch time.  Layla and Ezzy wanted Tropical Cafe (they have pretty good wraps), so we obliged.  The wait time was unbelievable!  But the food finally came and the kids got to eat.  I was ready to order something as well, but Sheena discovered a new taco spot was having their grand opening on Saturday.  We would let the kids eat their wraps and we would try out Trill Taco.  When we finally made our way there, we discover that the grand opening wouldn’t be happening till 3pm… it was noon!

Feeling defeated and still hungry, we went to Chili’s for a quick bite.

After lunch I wanted to do some work on the truck.  I bought some replacement headlights and needed to swap ’em out.  Here’s what the process looked like:


Ripped off the grill to access all the screws.

Got one done.

… then the other.

Snapped the grill back in place.

Visibility at night is waaaaay better now!  The kids spent the rest of the day just kicking it at the house.

Sunday morning, we got dressed and headed to church.

Later in the afternoon, we decided to go back to Memorial Park and have a picnic.  Sheena went for a long walk to get her steps while the kids and I had our picnic.  Apparently they didn’t like the sandwiches I made them…

The playground at Memorial Park was pretty packed, so we headed to Riverstone Park so that the kids could play a bit.

Overall a pretty great weekend!

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