Weekend Review [July 14th, 2018]

This weekend was pretty chill. On Friday after work we had dinner at Bella Green.

Although it was warm, still a great day to be outside.

Saturday, we went to Matt and Lisa’s wedding shower.  It was at Eric and Kristen’s house in the Heights.  They do things big!  Here’s a few shots of Sheena and Jess.  Sheena wanted a pic at various sitting zones.  Rather than take a picture with her loving husband, she choice Jess (I’m a little bitter).

Here’s a picture of the whole crew.



Here’s a little video I made of the event:


Sunday, we went to church and HEB as usual.  After that Sheena had to go back to church for a meeting.  The kids and I joined Mom and Dad for lunch at Texas de Brazil.

After lunch, we linked back up with Sheena and celebrated National Ice Cream day at Baskin Robbins.

Like I said, a pretty chill weekend.  Congrats Matt and Lisa!  We had a blast at the Wedding show and are looking forward to the Wedding!

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