Weekend Review [July 8th, 2018]

This is more of a recap of the past few weeks.  Since its summer, we’ve been doing a bunch of random things.  I’ve been pretty bad about watering the grass, so I did it one day and the kids took the opportunity to have some fun.

On July 4th, we got rained out, but we still made the most of it.  First we had brunch at the Egg and I with the Thomas Family!

Layla lost her first tooth there!  Later we went to Wes’ house to hang for a bit as well.  Here’s a quick video recap.

That following weekend, we went to a babyshower for one of our friends.

This past Friday we checked out a new bakery.  Here’s our review:


Saturday, Sheena and the kids made cheesecake brownie bites.  Sheena documented the fun!

Those brownies were for Jenny’s bridal shower.  Sheena made a video about that too!  Check it out!

Since Sheena and Layla went to Jenny’s bridal shower, Ezzy and I had a dude’s day out.  First, we had lunch at The Lot.

Then we headed to Blesson’s house so that the kids could play.  After all that was done, Sheena and Layla came home.  Later that evening, our friends Tim and Jess came over to kick it for a bit.

Sunday we went to Layla’s school friend’s birthday party.  It was a blast!

Then later in the day we headed to the city for sushi with friends.

Here’s a quick recap of the past weekend:

Fun times!  Other than the Houston Heat, summer is the best!  Longer day light and time to get together with friends and family!

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