Weekend Review [June 23rd, 2018]

This weekend we did a lot.  Friday, we scooped up the Thomas family and went to dinner.

It was fun to all ride together!  We went to Ula’s in Missouri City.  Fun times!

Afterwards we went to Orange Leaf for dessert.

Saturday morning we went the rental house to do some final touch-ups for the new tenants.  Here’s both videos of what we had to do:

Saturday night our friends Tim, Jess and Oliver came over and kicked it for a bit as well.

Sunday, we went to church and HEB (the usual).  After lunch, Sheena and the kids made cookies.

Our grass was getting pretty crazy, so I toughed it out and mowed the lawn in the heat.

On Monday I worked from home to be able to watch the kids.  They were getting a bit restless, so we headed to Urban Air for some play time.

They had a blast!  (I did too).  Overall, a pretty full weekend, but fun!

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