Weekend in Vegas (Aaron’s 40th Birthday)

This weekend, some friends and I made the journey to Vegas to celebrate Aaron’s 40th Birthday!  It was a blast to say the least.  Samir went a day ahead and locked in this awesome suite for us!  Here’s a few pics of it.

This is the master suite with amazing views!


and here’s the living/dinning/kitchen/lounge space… also with amazing views.


The hotel was actually 3 rooms in one.  The main space was a 2 bedroom and we took the adjoining rooms as well.  One of which had it’s own living room.  We had 8 guys with us, so there was more than enough space for all of us.

When we landed and got settled in, some of the crew napped, but Samir, G and I went on a drive to check out the Red Canyons.  It was a cool site to see!


We watched the NBA finals later that night as well.  The room had a drop down screen and projector.  You’ll notice the pink space where Dolan is.  It’s window tint that really messes with your eyes!  From the exterior of the building (we were at Elara by Hilton) you can see this pink section jutting out from the building, so this is what it looked like from the interior.


Here’s the view from our main window.


This is a few of us about to head out to dinner on Saturday night.


Steak dinner at Mastro’s.




We all ordered our own steaks, but we did the sides family style.  It was great the way they served it.  A swarm of waiters came and plated our food in front of us.  Made things very easy.



Here’s Aaron doing a little speech.


Although we were stuffed from the meal, we had to get dessert.







Here’s the video of the weekend.  It might help paint a better picture of it all.  Of course I didn’t document EVERYTHING, because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas….


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