Europe Trip – The Recap

Are you tired of hearing about our trip to Europe? I’m sure you are… but if you’re not, here’s a video re-cap of the whole thing!  I’ve documented each day with it’s own video (even the boring travel days.. because its a part of the story!).  Feel free to click around and explore the space!  If we’re friends on Facebook you’ve seen some of these videos but there are actually a few days of the trip I didn’t post to Facebook.  Below (and on my YouTube Channel), you’ll find all of them!

If you’d like a different perspective on the trip, you should check out Sheena’s blog!  Start off on Day 1 and work your way down!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4 – Part 1

Day 4 – Part 2

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

And that’s it!  If you watched it all, Thanks!  I hope you enjoyed it!  We really had a great time, and making these videos allow me to remember the moments a little more clearly.  Hope you liked it!

Euro Trip 2017!

Sheena and I did a mini Europe Tour. The main reason was for our friend, London Sarah’s wedding.  We figured since we were going to the wedding in the South of France, why not check out a few more spots, right?

Throughout the 8 day trip, I filmed a good grip of everything we did.  With that, rather than outlining everything here, visit my YouTube page to check out the videos.  Here’s Day 1 of our trip to get you started.

Based on comments on Facebook (and my personal opinion), Day 1 was pretty boring because it was all travel.  I know what you’re thinking… “why post it if it’s that boring?”.  Well, its a part of the story, so I “needed” to post.  Don’t worry, the rest of the videos are a lot more interesting!  Check ’em out and let me know your thoughts!  Depending on when you’re seeing this, all of the videos may not be up yet, but I’ll be rolling a new one out each day.  Subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss anything!

I did snap a few pics while there… like our time in Milan, Italy:

And our time in Orgon, France for the wedding festivities:

And then our drive through the hills of Gordes, France after the wedding:

Since we had more time before our next flight, we dipped down to the ocean side of Cassis, France:

Then when we hopped on a plane to Barcelona, Spain:

Again, for more details, check out the videos on YouTube.  They’ll paint a better picture of what we did.  Overall it was an amazing trip!  We missed the kids a bunch, so we’re super happy to be back home.  I’m looking forward to when the kids are bigger and they can experience this type of travel with us!

#rensha wedding and charity golf!

This weekend we made the trip to Dallas to celebrate Renny and Asha’s wedding.  While we were there we visited some friends and family.

This pic is from Sunday when we visited Aaron and Nancy, then made the quick drive to see Togy and JoAnna.  Let me rewind a bit.

We headed up to Ron and Neema’s house (Sheena’s cousins) on Friday night.  They were so nice to let us crash there!  Saturday morning we had a delicious breakfast and got ready for the wedding.  Here’s a shot of the fam after the ceremony.

The reception was decked out!  They did it big at huge Convention Center in Los Colinas.  Here’s the couple getting ready to make their grand entrance!

…and some of the bridal party.

In the reception, there was a huge neon word spelling LOVE.  Ezzy needed a pic with the “E” for Ezra…

…The “O” was just fun to be in…

…and of course we needed a pic with the “L” for Layla!

After the wedding, we headed back to Ron and Neema’s house.  We had some pizza.

and we had pie for dessert.

I made a video of the weekend that’ll better describe things.  Check it out!

We got back on Sunday.  It was tiring, but a fun weekend!  Monday morning I met up with Blesson and Wes to do a charity golf tournament for Robby’s church.  Robby is Wes’ brother in law and we’ve known him for years, so it was great to participate and just see everyone.


I also made a video of the golfing experience!  It was our first time on a full 18 holes, so it was interesting… to say the least…  Check it out!

Overall a great weekend!  Quick shout out to Pokie for letting me borrow his clubs!

Dallas Trip – January 2017

This weekend we went to Dallas for Madison’s 1st birthday.


But before I talk about that, let me back track.

On Thursday, I had to take Layla to a doctors appointment.  The usual 5-year-old check up.  Plus she got a flu shot too.  Ezzy kept Layla company.


Since they both did a great job at the doc office, I treated them (and myself) to some Shipleys donuts!


Excess sugar means brushing and flossing right after.


I had to watch the kids till Sheena got home from her meetings at work.  Once she got home around noon, I headed to work.  While the kids played, made this video:

Later that day, there was a pile up…. of Abrahams


On Friday we planned to go to work and then around 6pm hit the road to make our way to Dallas.  We had a change of plans because of weather.  It got crazy cold and started snowing in Dallas.  There was also a bunch of ice on the roads.  We decided to go early on Saturday morning.  Since our Friday evening opened up, we headed to dinner to celebrate Pokie’s birthday!



We left the dinner early so we can get some rest for our big Saturday.  We planned to leave around 5am, but our actual departure was around 7am.  Go figure.

During the drive, Sheena and I talked about how we were missing a funeral of a church member that morning.  A nine year old boy from our church had an unexpected medical emergency the day after Christmas.  It was heart breaking to hear the news, but then to get the news that he had passed away was too much.  Now that I’m a parent, it’s hard for me to hear anything that deals with kids and sickness… or anything bad in relation to kids.  It’s all too heart-wrenching.  I’m Facebook friends with the father and seeing his openness about the situation and how strong his faith is was very encouraging.  Even in the announcement of his son’s passing, he was strong and kept the faith and prayed for others going through the same situation.  Frankly, it was pretty amazing.  Our thoughts and prayers go to the family.

Around 11am, we got to Sunny Uppapan’s house.  Just FYI, “Uppapan” means uncle, but more specifically means my Dad’s younger brother.  We freshened up there quickly and headed to the birthday party.


The place was packed!  It was great to be there to celebrate with Aaron and Nancy!  It was also great to see there awesome new house!


Nathan and Nissa were there as well, so Layla and Ezzy had a great time.


Aaron aired up the bounce house, so the kids didn’t want to leave!



Good times!


Later in the afternoon, we headed to Ron and Neema’s house.  They had just purchased a new home and had their housewarming party earlier that day.


Apparently, they move ever 5 years.  Unintentionally, but it happens!  Neema was absolute about the fact that this is their last house.. but I guess we’ll see in 5 years!

After spending some time with them, we headed back to Sunny Uppapan’s house to call it a night.  Jancy and Jisha are soo great with the kids and always have fun things for them to do.



Sunday morning, Sunny Uppapan and Sheela Aunty headed out to church.


Jancy, Josh and Jisha stayed behind to see us off.



Here’s a quick video re-cap of it all:

Overall, a quick but very fun weekend!

FYI, for those that remember, I’m tallying who’s been pictured on this blog!  The list is growing!  The more often you’re pictured, the better your chances at winning an Amazon Echo Dot!  Just for clarification, a mention doesn’t count.  Only a picture!  If you see me, make sure I snap a pic of ya!


Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was busy. On Friday I dropped off Sheena and the kids to the airport for their big trip to India!


Here they go into the Security Check.


After they made it outta security, I waited for them on the other side (behind a huge glass wall)



Saturday morning, I flew out to OKC for David Richard’s Wedding.  It was a super fast trip, which I documented.  Check it out!

Here’s the wedding ceremony:


Here’s the happy couple at the reception.


It was fun, but really fast!  When I got back on Sunday, I went straight to my parent’s house for some mutton curry and chapati for lunch.  Since it was Sunday, I did my usual HEB run.  For dinner, I met up with Blesson.


Monday was a holiday.  Since my family was on the other side of the planet, and I had nothing better to do, I did a bunch of things around the house.  Mowed the lawn, cleaned the house, did meal prep for the week and did laundry.  Later that day, Blesson, Jolly and Bruce came over to work on a project.  They’ve got a baby on the way and wanted to make a sign for his room.  We got the project started and they also brought over dinner, so we grubbed down.

With Whatsapp, Sheena’s able to text and call me via wifi.  She sent this pic:


Glad they’re having a good time!

Busy weekend, but pretty good.  It’s gonna be a quick 2 weeks without the family, so I’m trying to do as many projects that I can.  We’ll see what actually gets done!

Benson & Jenny’s Wedding Weekend

This weekend, we drove up to Oklahoma City to celebrate Benson and Jenny’s wedding!


On Thursday night we headed out to OKC.  Before we left, I was anticipating some shipments.  I was worried that they would be sitting outside the entire weekend while we were gone.  Luckily, they all came in on Thursday!  The first thing I ordered was the Mevo.  It’s a new type of camera that just came out.  Hopefully I can get some good use outta this!



The second thing was just a backpack.  Nothing crazy, but still didn’t want it sitting outside.


OK, back to the weekend.  We left Houston on Thursday night at 10pm.  We did that to let the kids sleep the entire way and for us to also maximize our time in OKC.  Sheena’s got family there so it was nice to just hang for a bit.  I made a little video highlighting the trip.


It was a pretty nice wedding.  Here are some pics from the festivities!







Ps. Michael Mathews did an awesome job doing the message for the wedding!



Check out the cakes!


Here’s Shane and Justin cheesing it up!



Overall, a great wedding.  It was nice seeing some old friends!  We headed back home on Sunday morning.  Nowadays, whenever we go to OKC or Dallas, we stop by the same rest stop because they have a park there for the kids to play a lil bit.  It’s just south of Corsicana.  In Ennis we picked up some lunch.  Everyone ate in the car, but since I was driving, I waited till I got to the park to have a little picnic.


It was a good weekend.  That drive to OKC sucks, but the people are great, so it’s well worth it!

GTribe Retreat – Austin 2016

This 4th of July Weekend, we headed to our friends, Samir and Mindy’s home in Austin to hang with G-Tribe!


We try to make it a point to have a big family reunion every year.

A few of the families came in on Friday afternoon/night.  It was pretty casual.  Tik/Silky and Neil/Rita got there before us.  Once we got there, we rang the door bell and nobody answered.  I made my way to the backyard to find everyone swimming… so of course we changed immediately into our swim gear and dove into the pool!  After some swimming, we got the kids ready for bed while the adults just hung out for the rest of the night.


Aaron and Nancy were the last to come in on Friday.  Here’s a pic of the Friday night crew!


Saturday morning, Samir and Mindy fixed breakfast.  The kids helped too.


G/Judy and Sheil/Maya came in Saturday morning.  We try to have a G-Tribe shirt for each retreat.  Of course we’ve missed a few years, but here are all the shirts we have so far.


Aaron takes the lead in designing and getting the shirts made for us.  He’s been doing an awesome job with it!

Saturday, we basically chilled around the house all day and swam.  It was awesome.  The house is amazing, so we snapped a few pics.







Here’s Maya with baby Jaylen at the kiddie pool.


Sunday morning Sheil/Maya and Neil/Rita had to head out.  Aaron/Nancy had to roll out on Sunday as well, but they left after lunch.


We recovered from our sadness of them leaving by swimming some more!


…and enjoying the views from the deck.





Tik/Silky headed back home Sunday night after dinner.  G, Judy, Sheena and I stayed till Monday morning so that we can be rested for the drive back… and to make the most of the weekend.

Overall, it was an awesome weekend!  It’s always great to see these guys!  I made a quick video of the weekend too!  Check it out:


I hope everyone had a great 4th of July Weekend!