Weekend Review [Nov. 18th, 2017]

This weekend was pretty busy (just like last weekend). We made a quick trip to Dallas for Madison’s baptism.

But let me start earlier in the week.  Layla’s school had a science fair, so the kids and I checked it out.  Sheena had to work late, so she missed out on all the fun.

Turned out to be pretty messy… but fun!  On Thursday we had an ice cream social at work.  It was awesome!

Friday, I pulled up to the Park & Ride and found this at the parking lot:

Did this person not realize what was going on?  Maybe they thought the center of their car was to be aligned with the lines on the ground.  If that’s the case, they did an excellent job!

Friday evening Sheena had to man a booth for her work at the Riverstone Christmas Market.  The kids and I decided to come check it out.

It turned out to be a pretty cool event.  A bunch of vendors, food, etc…  There’s a really nice park at Riverstone, so we had to check that out as well.

It bothers me a little bit that Christmas is over taking Thanksgiving… but later in this post I’ll be eating these words.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, we headed to Dallas for Madison’s baptism.  It was an extremely quick trip.  We left Houston at 5am, got to my uncle’s house around 9:30am, changed, headed to the baptism (late), and then kicked it at Sheil and Maya’s house for the rest of Saturday.  Here’s a video to share more details:

Although it was fast, it was fun to hang for a bit.

Sunday morning, we headed back to Houston just in time for lunch with Shane for his birthday.  We drove straight to the restaurant, but we made it!

Monday, I worked from home because the kids are off from school all week.  Mini Aunty dropped off a gift for the kids, so that kept them occupied while I worked.

Desperate to keep them busy, we decided to shun Thanksgiving and put up our Christmas tree.

Overall a pretty great weekend!

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