Weekend Review [Nov. 11th, 2017]

This weekend was jam packed!  It started with a wedding on Friday evening.  Melody & Moises’ wedding to be exact.  We were a little late (getting off of work and making the drive to Magnolia, TX), but we saw the tail end of the ceremony and enjoyed the reception!


We were able to snap a pic with the groom!

Here’s a quick video of it all.

The next morning, we had to attend a funeral of our friend’s father.  We’ve known Sanoj, Stayson and Justin for a long time.  It was sad to hear of uncle’s passing, but the guys and aunty seem to be doing well.

Funerals tend to be a bit of a reunion as well.  We were able to see Stephanie, Jeswin and their adorable baby Hannah.

Later that evening, we headed to the Woodlands to celebrate Aliya’s 1st Birthday (that’s Neil and Rita’s baby).

I made a quick video of the event.  Akhil (Neil’s lil bro) got a drone, so he took some footage and let me use it.  Check it out!

Sunday, Sheena had to attend a work event in the morning and evening, so it was just the kids and me for church.  The kids and I got ready early.  Although we already ate breakfast at home, I decided to treat myself the kids to some donuts.  I’m a good dad and that’s what good dads to.

After church we just kicked it at the house.  Sheena got out of her work event and did all of our grocery shopping.  When Sheena had to do her evening work event, I took the kids to Jason’s Deli for dinner.

They liked it.  I feel like I using meals as a way to occupy time.  We could have easily eaten at home, but going out, ordering food, sitting there to eat, getting ice cream afterwards makes it an event.  If we were at home, they’d be sitting in front of a TV, or I’d have to run around the house with them.   After this weekend I was pretty exhausted to play and plopping them in front of a TV is not our ideal choice.

After dinner we visited my parents for a little bit then headed home.

Overall a pretty awesome weekend!

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