Weekend Review [Nov. 4th, 2017]

This weekend was pretty chill.  During the week, we had some friends come visit from London.  “London” Sarah and her hubby Kash!

It was great to just catch up with them over dinner.

On Friday, we had the Astros World Series Championship Parade.  Since I work in downtown, I had to at least check it out!  Pretty amazing seeing all those people come together and celebrate!  Here’s a quick video of the experience!

Pretty amazing!  Saturday we dropped off some recyclables at Target, did some quick shopping at Hobby Lobby, then made a trip to the library…

Then we headed to Bella Green in Sugar Land Town Square for lunch.

We saw a bunch of peeps walk to the actual square, so we wanted to check it out.  Apparently, it was the International Festival (iFest)!  Glad we were able to check things out!

The rest of Saturday we basically chilled at the house and relaxed.

Sunday morning after the kids got dressed they played on the piano a bit.

After church we did our usual run to HEB and when we got home Sheena made some pasta and meatballs for lunch.  The weather was nice, so we ate outside while the kids raked the leaves.

After all that hard-work and eating lunch, Sheena and the kids relaxed with some reading time.  I thought this looked soo cute.

Then they decided to make a cake.  Sheena is not a fan of making box cake, but in a pinch, it’ll do.

My Mom chewed me out for not visiting them in a while (I’m a jerk), so we made a stop to the folk’s house as well.  It was nice to catch up!

Overall a pretty nice weekend!

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