Thanksgiving Weekend 2017

This Thanksgiving was a whirlwind!  We had a lot going on.  Blesson and Jolly were hosting Jolly’s family from Florida.  Jolly has 3 sisters and they all have husbands and kids.  All of which came and stayed at their house.  They also hosted Thanksgiving Dinner at their house too.  Here’s a pic of the whole crew from Thursday night!

Earl and I were charged with making the turkey.  I made a video describing the process:

It turned out great!  My folks hosted Thanksgiving Lunch for Jolly’s family and us.  Not as huge of a crowd as dinner was, but a bunch of peeps none the less.  Here’s a video of Lunch and Dinner:

It was a blast!  Friday morning, we woke up stuffed.  Typically on Black Friday, I love to go out super early and scope out the deals.  This year, I didn’t care too much, but Sheena caught the bug, so we headed out.  Checked out a few shops, got a few things and headed back home.  Since Mom and Dad had leftover BBQ from the day before, we headed there for lunch.

Later that evening some family came over to make s’mores.  I set up the fire pit  and everyone brought supplies.  It was pretty nice to just hang outside by the fire.

Saturday was Dean’s 1st Birthday party.  Blesson and Jolly did an awesome job setting it up!  They rented out a pavilion at the Sugar Land Memorial Park.

Here’s a video of the party.  Happy Birthday, Dean!

Saturday evening we headed to Manju and Cyndi’s place for Manju’s 40th Birthday party.

It was a casino night.  Take note of the seat next to Earl that’s empty and has no chips.  That’s where I sat and was the first to lose.  I suck as gambling.

Happy Birthday, Manju!

Sunday, we went to church, then went to Blesson’s house for leftovers but then came home and just relaxed.  Caught up on some needed sleep!

Overall a packed, long weekend!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends!

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