Weekend Review [Dec. 2nd, 2017]

We did a lot over the weekend.  Thursday night Ezzy was sick, so I stayed home with him all day Friday.  He was doing great throughout the day, so we decided to have dinner at Guru Burger.

Then we strolled around the Town Square.

Saturday, I got started early to work on the kid’s tree-house.  Although it was a full day of work, not much progress was made!  Check out the video I made of it:

We just kicked it at home for the rest of Saturday (I was exhausted!).  After I posted a video, my friend Bijoy sent me some ideas for what to do to make a ladder.  Hopefully I can get that done soon!

Sunday, we went to church.  The kids had a Christmas program where they sang Christmas songs.  It was great.  They performed in both services and then there was a special 5pm service as well.  After church, we headed to Lisa and Matt’s surprise engagement lunch celebration.  Sheena had a meeting to be at, so the kids and I headed to the party.

Here’s a shot of some of the group!

It was great to see friends we don’t get to regularly hang with!  We were also able to meet Lily!  She’s super cute and really enjoyed hanging with Layla and Ezra!

Here’s some pics from the 5pm performance.  Check out Ezra.  Although he was sorta hidden, he did an awesome job!  Knew all the words and the motions!

In addition to the songs, Layla played the role of a sheep for the play!  I’m a little biased, but she wasn’t half baaaaaaaaad.  Get it?  A sheep says “baa”… and I worked that into the work “bad”.  I’m hilarious.

I’m working on a video of the night, but I’ll post that later.

Overall a pretty great weekend!

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