Weekend Review – The 2017 Snow Day Edition! [Dec. 9th 2017]

This weekend was a special one. Its snowed in Houston! It was pretty epic!  On Thursday, Layla’s school had a “Bedtime Stories with Dad” event.  Earl and I checked it out.

These events are fun, but they’re waaaay more fun with a friend!  I’m glad Maya and Layla are in the same grade/class!  Here’s a quick video of all the action!

Friday morning we all woke up to a wonderful surprise…. SNOW!

When the kids got up, Sheena let them play in it a bit before school.  It was awesome!  I made a quick video of it.  Check it!

It was pretty amazing!  As expected, it didn’t stay for too long.  The Houston sun won’t allow snow to stick around.  Friday evening, we headed to Aksa and Hannah’s house for a family dinner.  It was nice to kick it with them!

Saturday was very busy.  We went to Pearland in the morning to have breakfast with Mom.  She just came back from India, so we wanted to visit.  Saturday was the earliest we could make it happen.  We wanted to go earlier, but it was just a crazy busy week.

From Pearland, we headed to the City Centre area for Joshy’s 2nd Birthday party.  It’s always a good time at the Mathew residence!

There was a pinata too!

After the party, we rested at home for a bit, then headed to Blesson and Jolly’s house for The Gathering.

Check out the Jacobs!  Shelby’s an honorary Jacob for this pic!

Here’s a quick video of our Saturday:

Sunday was a bit different.  Layla woke up feeling a little sick, so I stayed home with the kids while Sheena went to church and then HEB.  Once she got home, I headed out to Blesson’s house.  Pokie and I were asked to help dismantle a playhouse from a neighbor’s backyard and bring it over to Blesson’s backyard.  I came prepared with my camera to film the process, but I didn’t have enough footage to actually make something of it.  Sorry!  That “sorry” was mainly directed to Pokie.  He said that being on the vlog/blog was the only reason he volunteered to help…. I hope this is sufficient Pokie!  The whole reason why I didn’t film enough was because we were actually working. In the middle of lifting something heavy is when I thought “I should be filming this”… which is essentially too late to actually film.  I’ll try to do better next time!

The goal was to leave at 6pm because the girls were going out to dinner for Anitha’s birthday.  As expected, we ran late.  Pokie and I sped home and luckily I made it back in time so that Sheena could leave and make it to the party on time.

Overall a jam packed weekend.  Good times!

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