Weekend Review [Dec. 16th, 2017]

This past weekend was pretty chill.  On Friday, we went out for dinner.  We checked out Cheddar’s.  They’ve got great croissants!

Ezzy was happy when the meal came.  Sheena looks a bit jealous of what Ezzy has.

Layla was pretty indifferent.

Saturday morning, we chilled at the house.  Cleaned up a bit and watched some TV.

Later that evening, we headed out to Maggiano’s for Dudley’s 40th Birthday!  It was a surprise party that Abey, Boby and Bestey set up.  Well executed!  Check it out!

Sunday we did our usual (Church and HEB grocery shopping).  That evening, my parents had us over for dinner.  Here’s Dad reading a story to the kids.

Overall a pretty solid weekend!  This post came a bit late!  Sorry about that!

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