A Major Recap [A Month in Review]

Hey Fam! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. New phone made the pics more difficult to use in the blog…  I pretty much missed the entire month of March.  Here’s what went down:

Sheena and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary!

We went to Dallas for my Cousin’s (Asha) engagement.  Here’s a vid of the trip:


While there we visited Sherene and her cool couch.

We also found out that Sheena’s cousins from New York and Oklahoma were in town so we visited them as well.

The weekend after the Dallas Trip, we had a party for my Dad’s 70th Birthday.  It was a ton of fun!  Here’s the video recap:


We played at a park during the month of March…

The kids washed the van in the month of March…

The Kids joined soccer in the month of March…

Lisa asked Sheena and I to be her MC for the wedding.  We made a response video to it.  Check it out:


We finally got a chance to visit baby Christian Mani!

Ezzy busted out his toolbox to fix his scooter…

Now we’re bleeding into April.  For Easter Sunday the church set up a mini ferris wheel…

People hung out after church…

There was even a petting zoo…

After church we met with the family for lunch at Pappasitos for Bruce’s birthday.  The Easter Bunny was there too!

Ezzy liked playing with Kate.

The crew sang Happy Birthday to Bruce.

Ezzy wanted to wear the hat…

So did Layla…

…and Dad…

Dessert came out the kids jumped on it.

Afterwards we went to Blesson’s house for an Easter Egg hunt and more birthday cake.

Jolly had a cool method of dying eggs.

For the Easter Egg hunt, we gave Dean a head start.

But the bigger kids still had plenty to gather.

Then it was birthday cake time.

Kate enjoyed all the fun too.

It was a pretty awesome month!

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