Weekend Review [April 7th, 2018]

This weekend was freezing!  On Friday Shane and Jenny came over and brought dinner for the family.  It was a chance for Jenny to meet some of the cousins.  I didn’t think to snap any pics… but trust me, it happend!

Saturday morning is when things got really cold… and we had to take the kids to soccer!  They were troopers but towards the end of it we experienced a few meltdowns.

After Ezzy’s game, we headed home for lunch, then came back for Layla and Maya’s game.  Priya and Ezzy sat (warmly) on the sidelines cheering on their big sis.

Sunday after church we were able to finally meet Baby Krisha!  Tik and Silky had another baby girl recently, so we went over and had a meal together.

Although it was cold, the kids still wanted to play outside.  Bubbles to be exact.

On Sunday after church and HEB, I dropped off my truck to get painted.  By the time we got back home from Tik’s house the paint job was done!  Here’s a video of how it all went down:


Overall a pretty full weekend!

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