Weekend Review [April 14th, 2018]

This weekend we did a lot.  Friday Sheena’s work hosted a banquet at Safari Texas.  Here’s a quick video recap of the night:

Saturday morning was supposed to be soccer, but since it rain heavily the night before and it was cold that morning, it was canceled…. so we played hide and seek.  Ezzy’s getting pretty good!

Later that day, we headed to the Fish Gallery for Rayna’s 3rd Birthday party.  It was a blast!  Elmo was there too!  I think Ezzy was super excited to see him!

I was a little star struck as well, so I had to snap a pic with Elmo.

Here’s a video re-cap of the party.

After the party, we wanted some crawfish.  A new spot close to the house had deal on crawfish so we ventured that way.  Once we got seated, they told us that they ran out!  We ate a quick salad since we were already there, but before the night ended, I scooped up a few pounds of crawfish and we grubbed.

It was Louisiana style crawfish.  Good, but I really like the viet-cajun style.  Ever since Crawfish Heaven closed down, I don’t know where to go…

On Sunday, we did our usual (church and HEB).  That afternoon, I met up with some friends for crawfish again!  It wasn’t viet-cajun, and actually, it was kinda wack.  If y’all have any recommendations on crawfish, let me know!

Over the weekend I also made some yogurt.  Check out the video:


Overall, a pretty productive weekend!

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