Weekend Review [Feb 17th, 2018]

This weekend was a long one. It was President’s Day, so I had Monday off. In addition to that, Friday was Layla’s parent/teacher conference, so Sheena and I worked from home.  On Friday, after we dropped off the kids to school, Sheena and I had a breakfast date.  We ate at Black Walnut Cafe.  Since we had the time, Sheena and I put together a little video asking friends if it would be a good idea if we started a show where we discuss our lives and fun stories we’ve experience.  Here’s the vid:

We received an overwhelmingly positive response!  Thanks!  Hopefully Sheena and I can piece something together!

Friday evening, we went to the Gathering (a monthly bible study we’re a part of).  This time it was at Biju and Anitha’s house.

Saturday morning, we just kicked it because we had a busy afternoon/evening.

For lunch we headed to Mom’s house.  She hosted so that Jenny (Shane’s fiance) and her family could meet some of the family.  Just a small gathering.


Later that day, for dinner, we headed to Jenny’s house for a meet and greet with the bridesmaids.  The kids loved playing with Jenny’s trampoline!

On Sunday we did our usual.  Went to church and then HEB for grocery shopping.  Typically we spend the rest of Sunday cooking, cleaning and getting ready for the week, but this Sunday we made the drive to Humble, TX to visit our friend Stephanie that came in from New York.

Great seeing her and her folks!  Pokie came along with us.  He’s always great company (especially on road trips!).

Here’s a quick re-cap video of the weekend:

On Monday, everyone in the house has school/work except for me.  I got a lot of things done at the house, which was great.  I also headed to Layla’s school to have lunch with her.

Overall a pretty great weekend!

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