#rensha wedding and charity golf!

This weekend we made the trip to Dallas to celebrate Renny and Asha’s wedding.  While we were there we visited some friends and family.

This pic is from Sunday when we visited Aaron and Nancy, then made the quick drive to see Togy and JoAnna.  Let me rewind a bit.

We headed up to Ron and Neema’s house (Sheena’s cousins) on Friday night.  They were so nice to let us crash there!  Saturday morning we had a delicious breakfast and got ready for the wedding.  Here’s a shot of the fam after the ceremony.

The reception was decked out!  They did it big at huge Convention Center in Los Colinas.  Here’s the couple getting ready to make their grand entrance!

…and some of the bridal party.

In the reception, there was a huge neon word spelling LOVE.  Ezzy needed a pic with the “E” for Ezra…

…The “O” was just fun to be in…

…and of course we needed a pic with the “L” for Layla!

After the wedding, we headed back to Ron and Neema’s house.  We had some pizza.

and we had pie for dessert.

I made a video of the weekend that’ll better describe things.  Check it out!

We got back on Sunday.  It was tiring, but a fun weekend!  Monday morning I met up with Blesson and Wes to do a charity golf tournament for Robby’s church.  Robby is Wes’ brother in law and we’ve known him for years, so it was great to participate and just see everyone.


I also made a video of the golfing experience!  It was our first time on a full 18 holes, so it was interesting… to say the least…  Check it out!

Overall a great weekend!  Quick shout out to Pokie for letting me borrow his clubs!

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