Weekend Review [July 28th, 2018]

This is more like a 2 week review. Last weekend, we headed up to Austin to hang with some friends.

It’s always fun hanging with this crew.  Here’s a quick video of the weekend.

After the Austin trip, Layla wanted dippin dots.  I did a search and the closest place that sold them was a gas station outside of Sienna Plantation.  We went, we ate (it wasn’t that great).

Since its summer, after work, I try to do stuff with the kids, but it’s just been sooooo hot.  One of the days, we toughed it out and went to the park.

This past weekend we went to a family friend’s 70th birthday party.  Here’s a video re-cap of that:

On Saturday we went ran a few errands and went to the library.  We picked out a few books for the kids.  Then Sheena went off the get some books for herself while the kids played.

When she came back, I was blown away on how many books she actually checked out!  She’s a big reader, so it’s probably nothing to her, but I’m not a big reader, so it looked like a mountain to me!  I wish a snapped a pic of it.  Sorry!

Later on Saturday we met up with Lisa and Matt at Texas Biergarten for their grand opening.  Fun times!

Sunday we did our usual.  Then Stephanie and Hannah came over for a visit as well!

Sheena made a great re-cap of our weekend.  Check it out!

Although the summer is hot, I love the time we have to just hang out and do things together.  Great times!

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