Shane’s Bachelor Party

This weekend we made a trip to Austin for Shane’s bachelor party!  We rented a house near the lake.  It’s on 11 acres and was amazing!

Being that is was pretty secluded, we met a few “friends”.  For example, there was this friendly spider that helped everyone evacuate their bowls.

I ended up killing this thing.  SCARY!

Later on, we found a scorpion too.  Gumby was brave enough to pull the stinger off of it’s tail!

We did paintball at a nearby spot.  Painful, but very fun!

Here’s an after pic of the people that played till the very end.

After paintball we came back home and watched the Rockets.

Sunday was a chill day and a bunch of people had to head back to Houston.  The few that remained roamed around Austin a bit.

Austin is amazing.

Here’s a video recap of the whole weekend!


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