Weekend Review [May 19th, 2018]

This weekend was busy (just like every other weekend!  Do y’all get tired of me saying this same line over and over again?). On Wednesday, Gordo came into town for work, so I met up with him, his friend Nate and Wes at Top Golf.

It was a fun time!  Its always great to see friends that you don’t get to see very often.

Friday we hosted The Gathering at our house.  It was a smaller crowd, which was nice.

Saturday morning was soccer.  Here’s Ezra’s team playing.

And here’s Layla getting ready to play.

Soccer takes a good chunk of the day.  Basically from 10am to around 3pm (with a small break in between for lunch).  We did a few things around the house, walked over the Texas Biergarten for pre-dinner, and then Earl and Asha came over for dinner.  Here’s a pic of the kids watching TV.

Sunday morning, we did our usual.  We went to church and then to HEB.  We checked to see if Ezra’s sticker was still at the front entrance and it was!  He was happy to see it!

Layla wanted to snap a pic with it too!

After HEB we dropped things off back home, but then headed back to church for a special meeting.  That took a good chunk of the day, so when we got home, we basically did our prep work for the week.  I made a video of some of the weekend, but haven’t finished it yet.  Once it’s done, I’ll post it here


Overall a pretty fun weekend!

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