Weekend Review [Aug 25th, 2018]

This past weekend we had some time with family and friends.  On Friday after work, we headed to Texas Biergarten for dinner.  Sheena’s cousin, Tommy and his wife Laura own the place but we actually go because the food is great!  Surprisingly Tommy’s brother Bobby was in town with his family and we got visit with them as well!  Good meal and family time.  Good stuff!

Then we headed to Oyster Creek Park to meet up with Tim, Jess and Oliver.  Check out the video!

On Saturday, we headed to Dudley and Betsey’s house for our Gathering end of summer bbq party.

We did a few games and as expected, the girls won all of the games…

On Sunday, we had 2 birthday parties to go to.  One right after church for “Florida Ammachi”.  She turned 86!

That evening, we went to Saru’s house for her 27th (+13) Birthday party!  Check out the video!

On Monday, Neil (well, Neil’s dad) hooked me up with tickets to Astros game.  So Uncle, Neil, Dolan and I hit up the game and got our World Championship ring!

Fun times!  And the ring is pretty legit!  It’s got some weight to it!

On Tuesday, we had a family outing to the dentist.  The kids did great!

…so great that they both got prizes!

Overall a pretty good experience!  Cheers!

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