Double for your trouble

This past weekend was the 2010 PCNAK. Turned out to be pretty great. The weather for the first two days were pretty horrible but outside of that, I believe it was a success. So I’ll write another blog about those details but this one is about a man with a strong testimony. His name is Stanley Sam and he is the man behind We Ar3 Change. It’s an organization that sells t-shirts, and the proceeds go to kids overseas for clothes and better water. In his efforts to promote his cause, he conducted a $10 raffle to win an iPad. On Saturday night after the service was done Stan started the raffle. Right before he started I decided to purchase one ticket. Richie (Stan’s brother) made the comment that it only takes one ticket to win! So the raffle begins. Julie Thomas was drawing the tickets and calling out the numbers. The first number is called and nobody was there to claim it. Then they decided to call out the second number. It was called and Shelby George says that it’s his cousin’s ticket, but since he wasn’t there it was a no-go for him either. Then they call the third ticket. As the numbers are being called I’m flipping out because everything was matching what I had. Then I realize that the first numbers for everyone are probably the same. Then when she finally called out the last number I realize that I won! I couldn’t believe it! A ton of pictures were taken and I still couldn’t believe it! My knees were shaking!

My friend Lisa Varughese made the comment “double for your trouble.” She was referring to when our house got broken into and our iPod touch was stolen (along with other things). It really puts things into perspective that just because something goes wrong at one moment in your life doesn’t mean that it won’t come back as a blessing. I’m not trying to say that this is some life changing experience because I won an iPad, but it was just a nice reminder that God’s thinking of me, even in these little things.

By the way, this blog was composed on my new iPad!

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