Meeting Jimmy Taco

This weekend I finally met the infamous Jimmy Taco!  His name is actually Jimmy Chacko, and he’s a pretty cool guy, but there’s a beautifully weird story behind the name.  My cousin, Sherry Wubbena, was going to a birthday party for Jimmy in a part of town that she wasn’t familiar with.  She was running late and rushing through the directions.  When she finally got to the neighborhood, she basically found a house with a bunch of cars in front of it and walked right in.  She noticed that there were a bunch of people that she didn’t know, but she just thought to herself “well, Jimmy’s pretty popular, so this is fitting”.  Just to be sure, she asks someone if this was a birthday party.  The person said, “no, but honey, you’re more than welcomed to stay!”  I’m sure she was flattered by the comment, but she headed outta there.  Back in her car, she went to search for the actual party she was supposed to be at.  So she finds another house with a bunch of cars in front of it.  So again, she walks in and they happened to be singing Happy Birthday, so like anyone, she just joined in on the singing… as the song ended, people started looking at Sherry like “what is she doing here”.  Then she asked, “is this Jimmy Chacko’s party?”  Then someone said “Jimmy Taco?  Who’s Jimmy Taco!?”  I should have mentioned that Sherry’s got a heavy country accent.  How she got it, nobody knows, but it’s very entertaining.  With that, she embarrassingly got outta there and finally called Jimmy Chacko for the real directions.

On Sunday, Sheena and I went to Lakewood’s Canvas Bible Study and we got to hang out with one of our friends Kristen Hilyard.  I didnt realize it until then, but she reminds me soo much of Sherry.  She has a very loving and caring personality.  Full of life and very welcoming, talking to anyone and everyone and making people feel very at home.  Overall just a great person.

Since I had 2 reminders of my good ole cousin Sherry, I just wanted to write a post about it.  Sherry’s living in DC now with her husband so we don’t really get to hang that often, but when we do it’s always a blast!  Sherry, if you’re reading this, you’re missed down in Houston, so make a trip down soon, or simply move back already!

One Reply to “Meeting Jimmy Taco”

  1. awww shucks! what an unexpect shout out to me in your blog, thank you. if i couldn’t love you guys more, you know my mama now offiicially love you guys for saying such sweet things about her daughter…just sayin’.


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