Working in Dallas

In my line of work, every once in a while I have to travel to a clients office, which might be out of town.  This past week, I had to go to Dallas.  Usually when we head out of town, we’re set up in pretty nice hotels, eat pretty well, but we’re stuck with some boo boo looking cars.  This time was different.  This time, the rental car company hooked me up with a Ford Mustang GT 5.0!  I was blown away.  I found every reason to drive as much as I could this past week!  Here’s some pics of the beautiful beast!

rolling in my 5.0!

Needless to say, it was a fun little ride to push around town.  I’m more into Chevy’s (growing up we had a wide array of Chevy cars, trucks and vans), but after driving one of these, I might take a second look at Ford…

Interior shot

There’s still a special place in my heart for the Chevy Camero though.  I’d love to stumble upon one of those like I did with this Mustang and really have a solid comparison.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the next time I’m out of town for work!

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