This Old House

In February of 2010, Sheena and I purchased an older house to move into.  It was in pretty great shape, but coming from a brand new house, it clearly needed some upgrading.  Before we even got married, I had a great desire to “flip” a house, or even simply to fix up an older house just to have the satisfaction of turning something old and dated into something new and desirable.  At our first home, there was really nothing we needed to do.  It was brand new, so I felt guilty trying to do any major rehauls on it.  Even painting bothered me.  In my head I thought, “they just painted this wall, why would I spend money to repaint something that was just painted!”  Now, of course, I have a different mindset.  And moving into an older home allowed me to have the freedom (and need) to actually do some upgrading.  Luckily the previous owner did some upgrades that we liked, which keeps more cash in our pockets, but there were still a few details that we wanted to personalize.  The first thing I wanted to change were all of the door knobs in the house.  Not only for safety/security reasons, but simply for a cleaner more modern look for the entire house.  And I thought that they’re just door knobs, so it’ll be a quick, cheap little project for me to start on.  I was completely wrong!  This project took me 6 months!  Not because of the work load, but because of the price tag on each and every door knob!  And even with a simple project like door knobs, there were some unexpected hurdles to jump through whether it be for installing, or the store running out of stock of the knobs I needed.  Also, I didn’t realize how many doors our house had!  It’s pretty ridiculous.  I tried to knock it out room by room and that was even more frustrating.  Our master bedroom/bath alone has 6 different doors!   With all that said, yesterday I finally completed the last door that needed changing.  So I feel a little accomplished…

before and after

There’s still a laundry list of things I’d like to do to this house such as landscaping, outdoor lighting, changing out ceiling fans and lighting fixtures, etc… but for now, I’ll be happy with this 6 month project being completed!

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  1. good job Sajan! yeah i’ve had to replace door knobs and it’s surprising how pricey they can be. dude can i hire you as a contractor for painting? we’re thinking of having various room colors and i know it’s going to be a huge process


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