Hurdles to loosing weight

I’m trying to trim up a lil bit so I’ve started to do more cardio, some light weight lifting and staying away from unnecessary foods.  Today at work, someone brought in a cake for a birthday.  This usually happens around here.  I tend to just say I’ll come around to grab a piece but end up not going.  So no biggie, right?  WRONG!  3 people actually came into my office and insisted that I eat this cake!  It’s hard enough fighting my inner thoughts of wanting the cake, but 3 other people too?!  So I took it as a sign from God and headed toward the magical cake.  On my way there, I saw people crowded around “the cake”.  When I got there, even though I was there for the cake, others continued to insist, that I MUST EAT THIS CAKE!  So I asked for a small piece and took a bite…. then I passed out because of how delicious it was!  I’ve never eaten a cake that amazing! 

eat me!

I guess I’ll be running a little extra today… but it was worth it.

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